Students and staff remember the life of psychology teacher Mrs. Eisenhart

“I was one of her first students when she first started teaching at AHS. I was personally going through a lot in high school and she really helped motivate me, provided me with a study space; she was a second mother to me, the sister I never had and a best friend all in one. She took me prom dress shopping, we got coffee together, and always let me hideout in her class whenever I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I spoke to her a week before she passed and made plans to treat her to lunch with my salary from my first job to thank her for everything she’s done to me. A huge part of the reason that my life is going in the right direction is because of her.”

-Kishoree Vijayaanand (alumni)

“My favorite memory of Mrs. Eisenhart is always hearing her voice yell at students ‘YOU’RE LATE, RUN’ in such a loud, deep voice. It always made me get up and walk out to the door to see what students, they could be mine, they could be hers; she was just real funny about getting kids to show up to class on time.”

– Ms. Nauss

“Mrs. Eisenhart was one of the most down-to-earth and realest teachers I know. She was one of the few teachers willing to joke around with her students and I remember her taking some of us aside to ask if we were okay since we were acting quiet in class. She would show us pictures of her dogs in class and be willing to share funny stories about her life.”

-Alison Zhao (11)

​”Liberty and I were hired at AHS at the same time, so we went through our first year together.  Perhaps my favorite memory of her is when she would send her TA to my classroom with donuts. Teaching can get lonely, but Liberty had a way of letting you know that there was always a friend nearby, even if you don’t always see them.”

-Ms. Misra

The energy she brought into the classroom was unparalleled. She was able to make her students care, and she made learning fun.She was not just an educator, but also a friend.

Her hugs were filled with warmth and compassion, and her smile was contagious. I opened up to her about my personal struggles, and she took the time to listen and advice.While in high school, I made a mental note to seek her advice in the future when I begin my teaching career”

-Lavanya Vijayan (alumni).

“She would bring her dog, her giant golden retriever, and we had a kid who was afraid of dogs so she looked at her dog and went “Attack!” and she pushed the dog to go and scare him because he was afraid of dogs.”

-Zainab Hossenni (12).  

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