Artists share the inspiration behind their artwork

Mercedes Ayala and LeAnn Liu

Staff Writer and Web Editor

    The warm glow of fairy lights. The rhythm of the gentle music. The bubbles in the apple cider. The pin-making machine arm swings and clinks as an attendee’s artwork is pushed into a button pin. A marker scratches onto a tote bag. And just like that, more artwork is added to the rotunda, which is already bustling with art from over 50 students.

    The activities available to attendees at American’s second annual art show expanded beyond walking around and looking at the over 50 art pieces that ranged from drawing to ceramics to even animation. Several band members performed music for all to enjoy. Attendees had the chance to create their own masterpieces at Art Club’s pin-making table and Graphic Design Club’s tote bag screen-printing table. They also had the chance to interact with the creators of the admired works in the room.

    “When someone’s putting together a piece of art, they are putting their heart and mind into it,” said one parent attendee. “It’s almost like delving into their mind and that’s the representation you see, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

    For some artists, the progression of their pieces can almost be equated to a diary that records everything from day-to-day moods to overall aesthetic taste.

    “It’s a way for me to express myself… It depends on my mood because sometimes I’ll be in art class and feeling really down so then the art will be rougher and darker,” said Angela Wu (10). “But in general, I like it to be really colorful or really happy.”

    For others, art can relieve the creators of the intense weight of their deepest, and sometimes darkest, thoughts that cannot be well expressed through any other medium.

    “Around freshman, sophomore year I went into this depression and a lot of anxiety and art really helped me get over that and make me feel happier,” said Karishma Sharma (12). “It was like letting out all those sad emotions, it really helped me pull through all that.”

    Although the event only lasted a couple of hours, it ultimately represented the passions and growth of a diverse range of student artists and celebrated their creativity.

    “It gives them encouragement [when] they get appreciation,” said a parent. “When I saw my daughter with her friends and they look at her piece of art like ‘Wow, you did that!’”

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