Introducing the 2019-2020 ASB Executive Council

Learning about their drives to take on the responsibility

Michelle Fong

Staff Writer

    A few minutes before the clock strikes 3, everyone gathers closely around the speaker, waiting impatiently for the announcement that is long awaited. Who are the new ASB executive council members? Finally, the announcement is made, congratulating Phoebe Urbano as ASB president, Rishabh Shastry as ASB vice president, and Hanah Abualhaj as chief justice.

    Being elected for these roles took a lot of time and commitment to cleverly plan how to reach the student body through campaigning. Their creative ideas showcased their individuality and personality.

    “One of the biggest centerpieces I planned for my campaign was ‘Risho Mo Bamba.’ It is the first time, to my knowledge, of a candidate holding an actual event for their campaign,” said Rishabh Shastry.

    During this event, Shastry stood on tables in the old cafeteria and began; however, it got shut down due to a lack of proper adult supervision. This idea was something new and different from many of the traditional methods.

    “It’s still great to see how many people shared the same interest as I did in the event,” remarked Shastry.

    Phoebe Urbano took a different approach to her campaigning. She decided to focus more on her physical posters because she believed that it would attract more public attention when they met people’s eyes.

    Although making those large and intricate posters took a lot of effort, “it paid off because I received many compliments about how hard I’ve worked on it,” said Urbano. Making these posters combined her artistic skills with her drive to become president.

    “People recognized that it reflected my work ethic. I have already received compliments from teachers and our principal as well!” exclaimed Urbano.

    Hanah Abualhaj created posters: both a photo booth poster, and digital posters with clever puns. The biggest part of her campaigning was her video. With her friend Beau Tse (11), they filmed several clips together in one day and they pieced together the video.

    Abulhadj also worked hard on in-person campaigning, which was something she was proud of. She spent a lot of time trying to plan out which areas of the school she had to spend most of her energy campaigning towards.

    “It worked out though, and I got to meet so many new people,” said Abualhaj.

    All three candidates wowed the school with their outstanding campaigns and personal statements.

    “I ran for the position of ASB Vice President because I wanted to take on greater responsibilities for the next school year,” explained Shastry.

    It was a dream of his since freshman year when the ASB Vice President at the time inspired him to be more involved in class events and to enjoy school beyond the academic pressure.

    Shastry wants his supporters to know that he is very appreciative of them and he is going to follow up on his campaign promises and remind them why they chose him to be ASB Vice President.

    “It’s this support which will keep me going throughout the school year, and I will do anything to make sure I won’t let them down,” said Shastry.

    Being a former C/O 2020 Vice President and current ASB Secretary, Urbano is passionate in serving the school. Last school year, Urbano ran for ASB Vice President as well; however, she did not get elected. This did not stop her from pursuing the leadership endeavors she aspires to be a part of.

    As newly elected ASB President, Urbano said, “I am open to new ideas and will do everything in my ability to ensure that students will get the most out of their high school experience.”

    Abualhaj wanted to run for Chief Justice because although she has participated and done a lot for the school itself, she felt like she had not had the opportunity to accomplish as much as she wanted to.

    “Too often times I see events and activities catered to a specific group of people,” she said.

    The people Abualhaj hopes to represent are those that might be too shy to voice their opinions. She hopes to help everyone at American High School love their high school experience as much as she has loved hers.

    We are all very excited to welcome these three exceptional people to take on the executive roles of ASB council. We look forward to their plans and events for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

Caption: Rishabh Shastry, Phoebe Urbano, and Hanah Abualhaj stand behind their campaign posters as they share their excitement for their newest roles in ASB Executive Council.     

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