Spirit fills both the field and the sidelines in AHS’s Homecoming game

Michelle Fong

Staff Writer

    October 5, 2018 marked the long-awaited Homecoming football game. All the unity and energy over the course of Spirit Week spilled into Tak Fudenna Stadium for the most highly anticipated match of the season, against John F. Kennedy High School.

   Despite suffering a loss of 7-24, the Eagles’ pride for the sport was not hindered. Members of the football team do not take frequent losses as a defeat, but instead as a way to push for the team to improve.

    “Kennedy was a beatable opponent, but there were some fluke plays that Kennedy took advantage of, but we gotta man up and go on to the next game,” said varsity player Jackson Dang (11).

    This motivation presented in this team is an important aspect of the football program. Each member exhibits a positive spirit which brings together the team as a whole. The players believe in each and trust that there is a possibility to win. They keep a positive mindset as they engage in a game, and that is what makes a team succeed even they did not technically win. Losing the homecoming game is obviously difficult, but what matters more is each player’s mindset to work harder in future games.

    “[We] need to keep our heads up and … get after the next one harder and faster than the last game,” said Anthony Magnane (12).

    Although football is a sport with highly dangerous injuries, injured members are still on the sidelines supporting and cheering on their fellow teammates. The high spirit and devotion expressed are a way of encouragement even though they are not on the field.

    “I love my team and coaches even when they are tough on me, but I do believe we can win more so that’s why I like to stay on the sidelines. So I can support my team,” stated player Jonathan Moriwaki (11), who was unable to play in the homecoming game due to a concussion.

    Aside from spirit within the team, crowd and sideline involvement is also notable. For the  duration of the homecoming game, large crowds filled the bleachers and the cheerleaders on the sidelines kept the spirit up.

    “Football players always need the support of the crowd, you can really see a big difference when there’s fans cheering versus when nobody is cheering,” said American High School Varsity cheerleader Gabriella Santos (11), whose team maintained a level of crowd involvement with various cheers and chants to keep fans intrigued by the game.

    School spirit is something that American High School does best, whether it be during spirit week or on the football field during homecoming game. Spirit surrounds the players, injured teammates, and cheerleaders on the sideline.

    “The true traits of an American Eagle is how spirited and how supportive we are for each other,” said Gabriella Santos (11).


Caption: American High School versus John F. Kennedy High School during the Eagles’ Homecoming game on October 5, 2018. Both opposing teams tackle for the football on the 40 yard line. “I’m in it to win it, in the sense of that we will fight till the clock stops to win that game, or stop the other team from scoring,” said Jonathan Moriwaki (11).




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