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LeAnn Liu

Online Editor

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AP Photo/ Gerald Herbert 

National Category 4 Hurricane Devastates Florida

On Wednesday afternoon, Florida experienced the worst storm in more than 100 years as Hurricane Michael blew in with speeds of 150 mph. Survivors still live in danger of landslides and flash floods. Unfortunately for them, the mayor said that the downed power lines and trees make it very difficult to get out. There have been at least 11 deaths.

erin schaff ny times kavanaugh

The New York Times / Erin Schaff

Politics Kavanaugh Sworn Into Supreme Court Despite Protests Across the Country

After weeks of hearings, an FBI investigation, and protests across the country, Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court. Following his nomination over the summer, Professor Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct when the two were in high school. Soon after, two other women also accused him adding momentum to the #metoo movement which has sparked national debate. Since her accusation, Dr. Blasey has received a mixture of death threats and letters of support. The FBI found no information to support these accusations.

On Friday, the now conservative-leaning Supreme Court faces its first case regarding abortion.

stocks_spencer platt_getty images

Getty Images/ Spencer Platt

Finance “Halloween Started Early This Month For Investors.”

After February’s crash, the stock market experienced relative calm up until Wednesday when the Dow tumbled down 832 points. The S&P and Nasdaq both dropped more than 5% this week as well. Tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) were hit especially hard, each dropping at least 10% from a recent peak. Much of this is due to investor concerns about tariffs as a result of the trade war with China, interest rates that reached as high as 3.26% this week, and rising wages especially regarding Amazon’s new minimum wage that could cut into profits.

indonesia_xinhua slash rex slash Shutterstock

Xinhua/ Rex/ Shutterstock

World Indonesia Faces Years of Reconstruction After Two Weeks of Tragedy

Two weeks after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck East Indonesia, a different region of the same country was shaken by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake on Thursday morning. Together, the disasters have killed at least 2,000 people though it is believed that there could be up to 5,000 people buried underneath the wreckage.

physics_elmehed_nobel media.jpg

Nobel Media/ Niklas Elmehed

Science/Tech Laureate Makes Strides in Physics and Gender Equality

The day after an Italian nuclear scientist claimed physics was “built and invented by men,” the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to a woman for the first time in 55 years. Donna Strickland worked with Gérard Moreau to create the technology that Arthur Ashkin used in his “optical tweezers,” which grab particles, atoms, and living cells. Although Strickland feels quite honored, she also expresses surprise to the fact that she is only the third woman to become a Laureate.


Olympic/ Lucas Valerga

Sports Dreams Coming True in Buenos Aires

The best youth athletes in the world are currently in Buenos Aires competing in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Irvington’s Jennie Gai became the first to represent Team USA in badminton at the games since 2010. Besides her, break dancing, karate, climbing, handball, and roller speed skating are also making grand entrances into the professional sports world.

DoctorWho Ben Blackall.jpg

Ben Blackall

Arts & Culture BBC Brings More Than a New Doctor to the New Season of Doctor Who

British television series Doctor Who premiered its new season with its first female doctor. The first episode has been praised for shattering gender stereotypes by portraying the Thirteenth Doctor much like her male predecessors– smart, eccentric, and confident– while avoiding making her the subject of a romantic subplot or the victim that needs constant saving. Fans are eager to watch Jodie Whittaker’s character develop more.

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