All kinds of music can be found right here in the ears of American’s students

Trinity Advincula- De Los Angeles

Staff Writer

    Music comes in all shapes and forms, and right here at American, each person’s unique taste comes into shape with what they’re listening to.

    Around school, it isn’t particularly unusual to see students with headphones on or earbuds plugged into their ears, but the real wonder is what they’re listening to.

    “Famous dex- Pick It Up,” Joshua Merricks (11) said.

    Joshua usually listens to Lil Yachty and other rap artists. He also enjoys RnB and Gospel music, but rap is his favorite. What Merricks looks for are artists who can serve a different plate of food each time he listens to them.

    “You know, it’s something different,” Merricks said. “They also don’t repeat the same thing as other rappers do, you know. It’s different every time.”

    Another person with a similar but still distinctive taste was Nakulan Karthikeyan.

    “The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, ‘Something just like this,’” Karthikeyan (11) said.

    Karthikeyan is pretty open with his playlist but mainly listens to RnB and Hip Hop. He usually sticks to whatever pops up on his playlist but enjoys music that has hints of rap and is more chill which is why he especially likes artists like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

      “It’s very mellow.” Karthikeyan said. “It’s really good to listen to when you’re kind of stressed out…[especially] when you don’t want to listen to hardcore rap.”

    Students like Calvin Ocampo, who was listening to “I’m a Dog” by Nelward, have a more obscure taste. Calvin likes music that can make the listener feel like they’re in a maze, and looks more into the subtleties like chord changes or specific rhythmic choices. Because of his favor for less commonly known or heard of artists, he says he doesn’t know anyone else who likes the kind of music he likes.

    “I listen to jazz fusion when I want to really get lost in the music,” Ocampo (10) said. “And [just] listen to weird chords and not [being] able to count the music because [it’s]  just too weird for me.”

    Ysabella Ballesil, a sophomore playing Snail’s House “(ra-mu-ne)” listens to pretty much anything that’s soothing, but also pleasing.

    “A lot of the music that comes from my playlist just calms me down,” Ballesil (10) said.

    Ballesil, a musician who plays the french horn and other instruments, thinks that it’s important to listen to all kinds of music because you might miss out on something you really like.

    “You can’t listen to one specific genre all the time,” Ballesil said. “You need to keep an open mind.”

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