Shopping, Christmas preparations, turkeys…but what about what about being thankful?

Rena Wei

Staff Writer

    Nowadays, Thanksgiving is clouded by materialistic events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Through all of this, many people have begun to overlook the meaning behind this holiday: being thankful for the nonmaterial things.  One example is recognizing the community we live in.

    “I think the fact that we live in such a safe, supportive community is often underappreciated,” Hafsa Desai (11) said.  “We’re really lucky to be a part of a community that’s so diverse and accepting.”

    Not only is Fremont a place of shelter for many immigrants, it is also a place where many of us have the privilege to go to school.  The schools in FUSD have a strong reputation for delivering quality education to those who attend.

    “I think, in general, people don’t realize that they are getting a free education here at AHS,” Ms. Novicin, a teacher at American High, said.  “While others, to this day, don’t even have access to education.”

    While recognizing our comm It is also important to recognize the different people in our lives who love and help us no matter what.  

    “I’m very thankful for my mom and best friend, Amanda,” Mary Ramirez (9) said.  “They both have been there for me and taken care of me for the longest time and made me who I am today.”

    In addition, many people are becoming more open-minded.  More and more differences are getting accepted each day, whether it is major or not.

    “I am thankful for [my friends and my family] for accepting who I am, for not forcing me to change my goofy and active personality,” Mamadou Bah (11) said.  “They’ve helped me grow and have taught me lessons, always being there for me whenever I need them and I’ll always be there for them.”

    This is what Thanksgiving is for—the reflection on your own life and what has made an impact on it.  Arguably, Thanksgiving should be every day, because being grateful for all that you have is an amazing thing.  But if life gets too busy and you get easily distracted, there will always be a time for you to sit back, reflect, and appreciate what we have.

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