Medical Field To Sports Field

AHS’s new PE teacher Mrs. Barker shares her experiences prior to teaching at AHS

Cheshta Arora

Staff Writer

    This year AHS welcomed Mrs. Barker, a new PE teacher, to its staff.

    New to both the educational field and California, she had many initial apprehensions.

    Ms. Barker recently moved to California from Texas. She was very nervous about moving. It was a last minute decision, as her boyfriend suddenly changed his job. In the middle of June, they both moved to the UK, stayed there for 2 weeks, and then moved here to California for 3 months ago. Having recently graduated from college, working at American High School is her first job.

  Ms. Barker always wanted to be a nurse. During her freshman and sophomore year of college she attended the courses for nursing but when she stopped sports, she felt she has to continue it and changed her ambition. Most of the people in her family are in the medical field like doctors and nurses so it was a kind of family thing getting into the medical business.

    “I had my minor in biology in my freshmen and sophomore year of college, and I did not want to lose my credits so I kept them and started with the course in teaching so that I could be involved in the sports in which I am really good at,” Ms. Barker.

     Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to challenge our ordinary experiences and limitations. The main quality of having an inspiration is an approach to motivation. One of the inspirational coaches Mrs. Barker had was her volleyball coach. She was one of the oldest teachers in the school serving for about 30 years. She received many job opportunities but did not go anywhere.

    “My volleyball coach believed in serving for a specific school and building a program for the same school so that it could be continued to more and more students in the school.” Mrs. Barker.

When we move from one place to another there are a lot of changes that we come through. Similarly, it is with Ms. Barker. She is going through many new changes in life like new job, new people, and new environment.

    “All my family and friends are in Texas so I feel a lot of changes in the terms of environment and surroundings.” Ms. Barker.

   Apart from teaching, Mrs. Barker has

    “ I have many hobbies but yes importantly of course going to church.” Ms. Barker.

    The classroom environment is one of the most important factors affecting student learning. A positive environment is one in which students feel a sense of belonging, trust others, and feel encouraged to tackle challenges, take risks, and ask questions

    “I like a classroom in which there is communication [amongst] people and students are really into the action,” Ms. Barker said.

    Adjusting to a new environment was very difficult for Mrs. Barker as she initially had no friends in California. However, when she started working at American High School, she was warmly welcomed by the school staff and students.

    “The staff and the students are overwhelming kind and do not let me feel like a newcomer. They keep me from feeling alone and new here.”



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