In wake of the ongoing Napa fires, many sports games have been cancelled due to unhealthy air conditions

Jaclyn Ferreira

Senior Staff Writer

    The Napa fires have caused widespread devastation across Northern California, the dark smoky skies an imprint of their destruction. Although the fires are raging miles away from Fremont, the smoke has drifted south and caused unsafe conditions for the students of AHS, or more specifically, the athletes.

    Due to the smoke, FUSD had to restrict practices and games from October 9th through 14th for all fall sports that take place outside. Sports such as Water Polo, Football, and Cross Country have either been forced to cancel or reschedule their games due to the distant, murky hills.

    “Our practice got cancelled for the majority of the week ss well as our games,” water polo player Stephanie Wang (12) said. “I feel as a team, we are out of shape, because we weren’t able to hop in [the pool] for the entire week.”

    The much-anticipated Homecoming game was also cancelled due to the low air quality and the unfit conditions for students.

    “It was really disappointing how one of the most important games [of the year] got cancelled due to the recent weather conditions,” Ishanee Kamdar (12), a student who was going to attend the game, said. “Hopefully though, this will show people the seriousness of the fires and they [will] decide to help donate to others.”

    It wasn’t just the fans who were disappointed by the cancelling of the game, but the football players as well.

    “It was disappointing because it stole me of the chance to release tension,” varsity football player Genaro Estrada (12) said. “I was stripped of that chance for two weeks in a row.”

    For some, the cancelled practices were a relief. It gave some of the student athletes a chance to focus on homework and other priorities. Despite this, it left many of them out of shape for upcoming games.

    “I was psyched to hear that practice was cancelled,” golfer Colleen Fan (11) revealed. “[but then] I realized I really needed to practice that week before MVALS.”

    Other athletes felt as if the smoke disrupted their team. Although the disruption was not to the extent where teams were completely out of practice, it was enough to push them back a few steps.

    “Overall, I feel that the smoke has affected our team but not to the extent where it permanently changes our team,” said water polo player Priscilla Cam (11) said. “I think the team is a little out of shape obviously because practice has been cancelled multiple times, leading to not enough practice like we usually get. But, I don’t think we are necessarily behind because all the other team’s’ practices have gotten cancelled as well.”

    Fortunately, the smoke has cleared up and American’s fall athletes hope to conclude their season on a positive note.

    “I plan to work hard to get back in the best shape I can be,” cross country runner Kaedin Silva (12) said. “I will use this as a challenge to see if I can push myself and finish the season by becoming faster than I was before.”

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