The 2016-2017 spring sports season introduce a unisex golf team to AHS

Sanika Gavankar

Staff Writer

     The grass is green, the sun is shining, and there is a soft breeze in the air. The season has kicked off for American High School’s golf team.

    The team – typically consisting of  mostly male  players – has recently added five female players. Compared to having only three girls in the previous year, the amount of new girl players joining the team is at its peak. Recent events such as the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LGPA) Tour and the Women’s Golf events in the Olympics have recently become popularized and have started to inspire girls to join the team. Golf has given the girls on the team a chance to try something new.

    “It’s inspired girls, including me, to give this remarkable sport a chance and defy these stereotypes!” Amisha Jain (9) said.

    The golf team is very open to newcomers and the coaches are helpful so that the girls can push themselves forward for further success. Since there are enough girls for a fall golf team, the coaches are motivating and practicing with the girls a lot. The coaches put a lot of effort into ensuring that  the new girl players know how to play and feel comfortable with their abilities. All the while, the team is able to develop a bond and work together to encourage each other and work their mistakes.

    “It’s really fun, within the past few weeks I’ve improved so much on my form and how to work with how much power I need to use,” Sydney Sanders (9) said. “I’ve made a lot of contact with girls and boys who I never thought I’d ever talk too which is cool because it’s always great to make new friends that have the same type of interests and how we can all get along.”

    In order to play golf, all you need is knowledge of the sport in order to to join. Dedication is only some of the few requirements in order to join. Anyone can play golf as long as you have determination.

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