Students reveal the reasons why Senior Wall still stands today

Allan Sainz

Staff Writer

    American High School is known for its diversity. However, while there might be a sense of unity here at our school, it’s very apparent that certain cliques dominate parts of the rotunda.

    Senior Wall, located right in front of the student activity center, is known for being where all the seniors sit and hang out during lunch. It is known as being the center of excitement and activity in the rotunda. Senior Wall has been consistent for many years and is basically a tradition at this point. Upcoming seniors take the spots and tables of graduating seniors at the end of the year.

    “I think [Senior Wall] is so revered because that section of the rotunda has always been reserved for seniors,” Vignesh Chandrasekaran (12) said. “Seniors now want to continue that tradition.”

    Freshmen and underclassmen look forward to sitting at the tables and hope to take the thrones of the seniors.

    “In front of Senior Wall is the senior area,” Divya Hauzaree (11) said.  “I think it has been like this for a while so when incoming freshmen see seniors hanging out there, they will expect to be there as seniors.”

    It is a mystery as to when this tradition began, but the reason why seniors choose this spot over others is obvious.

    “[Senior Wall] is right in the middle of everything that happens at school,” Kaitlyn Sass (12) said. “It’s less crowded than other parts of the rotunda and it has the best tables!”

    Senior Wall received its name from the large wall of lockers behind it. Most seniors’ lockers are located here because when students are assigned their lockers for the year, the wall of lockers is specifically reserved for seniors.

    “I like to hang out near Senior Wall because my locker and friends are there,” Sass (12) said.

    Senior Wall is a tradition that displays no sign of stopping. Sitting at these tables is almost considered a status symbol.

    “I don’t like the system in theory because it sounds exclusive,” Sass (12) said. “But in reality, everyone co-mingles and there are plenty of people who float back and forth across friend groups.”

     Senior Wall is a staple of American High, it is not an exclusive club meant only for seniors. While it might seem that way, anyone is welcome to sit at the tables or hang out near the wall.

    “I think that students have been taking certain spots in the rotunda for a long time and I don’t see a problem with it,” Hauzaree (11) said. “For my group, we are very accepting so if someone else wants to hang around that area too, we would not mind.”


Caption: Senior wall has been a consistent tradition at American High School, and underclassmen hope for their chance in the spotlight. “It’s something to look forward to for all four years of high school,” Kaitlyn Sass (12) said.

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