Posters placed around campus promoted the effects and statistics of bullying. Anti-bullying week included, “facts [about bullying] in the morning, hug-a-bear at lunch on Tuesday, the amazing video we released on Friday, and the use of #onlypositivityatahs” Ashley Liu (10) said.

Students promote awareness of bullying

Allan Sainz

Staff Writer

    In the midst of the increasingly popular Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why” and concurrent high school drama, anti-bullying week at AHS brought to light what really matters within a new age of cyber and social bullying.

    Posters reading statistics regarding the severity of bullying were posted around the rotunda on Monday, April 3rd. Best of all, therapy dogs were available for petting in front of gateway on Wednesday and Thursday. The week ended with students throwing confetti on Friday as a way of symbolically spreading kindness. Students from all around the campus participated in a hashtag online to show their gratitude.

    “This year we’re really promoting being a positive environment,” Ashley Liu (10) said. “We want students to know that if they need assistance or help with how they feel [or] if they are being bullied, that they can talk with counselors, staff members, and other students.”

    Anti-bullying week used social media to fight against cyberbullying with the hashtag “#onlypositivityatAHS.” Students used Facebook and Twitter to spread love and appreciation of other students.

    “I like the idea of spreading positivity, especially through social media, because it lessens the negative stigma around the topic of [bullying],” Bella Rivera (11) said. “The hashtags make people feel good, which is always nice since school tends to be stressful.”

    Anti-bullying week brought to light an issue that often becomes lost among other exciting school events like Spring Fest or March Madness. This campaign helped many students with the new challenges they face in a social-media-dominated society.

    “I’ve been a victim of bullying before, and this week made me realize that I’m not alone,” a student, who has asked to be kept anonymous, said. “Although American isn’t bully free, it’s definitely good to see that they’re trying to make this campus a safe place. I think anti-bullying week was a real success.”

    The purpose of anti-bullying week was to try to unite American High and display the effects of bullying so that no student feels left out or unsafe.

    “We wanted the students to understand that we may have our differences, but at the end of the day, we are all Eagles,” Riya Gill (12) said. “We are all people, and that kindness starts at home.


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