AHS’s Math Club hosts its annual Pi Day event

Neha Muppidi

Staff Writer

    On Friday, March 10, 2017, American High School’s Math Club hosted its annual Pi Day event in celebration of the upcoming Pi Day.

    Open to everyone, including the friends and families of AHS students, the event was a success. The event offered various activities for people to participate in such as watching a presentation about the event given by the Math Club officers, pieing fellow students and club officers, and, of course, eating pie. In comparison to past years, this year’s event attracted a much larger variety and number of attendees including teachers, students, and families from both AHS and Thornton Junior High School.

    “A lot more people showed up than we expected, so we ran out of pies really quickly,” Math Club President Sujay Kazi (12) said. “One of our officers even had to rush to get more.”

    Apart from the usual activities at Pi Day events, this year’s event also featured a sudoku contest, Rubik’s cube contest, Pi Trivia contest, an exhibit displaying a Buffon’s needle problem, and a raffle. Additionally, this year, teachers (such as American’s Ms. Lynn and Thornton’s Mrs. Honsowetz), in addition to students, were pied.

    “I went to last year’s Pi Day and this year’s” Amy Chen (10) said. “I thought it was cool how there was a lot more to do this year, and I love that we got to see teachers get pied this year.”

    The experience of hosting the Pi Day event was very rewarding for Math Club officers, who got the opportunity to talk to students and teachers about the opportunities that math opens up and foster interest in the club.

    “Pi Day is one of the few instances where we can promote math outside of its competition aspects, and it’s really fun to help others develop an interest in math in this setting,” Math Club Vice President Alex Zhou (11) said.

    Apart from benefitting Math Club officers, the event was also valuable to many students who were unsure of what Math Club has to offer and were skeptical about joining.

    “I really had fun at Pi Day, and it’s definitely inspired me to join Math Club next year,” Rohan Shah (9) said. “It makes me excited knowing that there is more to math and Math Club than just competitions.”

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