Students debate over the pros and cons of the two pizzerias

Allan Sainz

Staff Writer

    On March 14, the day many math and science nerds have waited for began: Pi day. A day in which all math prodigies can bask in the wonderful and celebrated 3.1415926. Some of these students decided to celebrate Pi day in a unique way: by eating pizza. The popular build-your-own pizza restaurants Pieology and Blaze sold whole pizzas for only $3.14!

    The long, heated debate over which modern and hip pizzeria is better has troubled high school students from all around American. Although both joints are fundamentally similar, there are some minor differences that tend to sway students toward one.

    Some students like Pieology and Blaze because it is something very different compared to other pizza chains like Little Caesars or Domino’s.

    “Personally I like Pieology better because their pizzas have thicker crusts, they have more ingredients that I like to eat,” Genisis Orilla (11) said. “And it’s fun to be able to watch them build my pizza in front of me.”

    But what are some real game-changers when it comes to eating pizza? Blaze and Pieology might seem like clones meant to satisfy the new millennial population, but students at American have noticed some drastic differences.

    “I love Blaze not only because of the whole custom made factor but it’s [also] really affordable,” Trina Wong (11) said. “The small size is perfect for one person and it’s only $6!”

    On the other hand, maybe the only difference between Pieology and Blaze is the aesthetic.

    “Pieology truly is the pinnacle of customizable pizza,” Joshua Howard (11) said. “It’s easy to order, tastes great, and above all else, is truly an intellectual pursuit.”

    Although a few students notice the similarities between the two places, they still have a favorite.

    “In terms of price, I would say they are about the same, but I found the pizza at Blaze to be a little bit better,” Emma Roffelsen (12) said. “Pieology [is] a little scarce with its ingredients, but that might have just been my experience.”

    Overall, many students prefer Blaze to Pieology. Some, who consider themselves pizza connoisseurs shared why this is.

    “Blaze is so much better. Pieology in my opinion, is awful,” Analisa Boren (10) said. “In Pieology, the pizza is really thin and compared to the pizzas you get at Blaze; they taste horrible. There is no contest when it comes to this. Blaze always wins.”

    Both restaurants have a considerable amount of options for their customers in which they can customize their pizza in any way they would like.

    “I like Blaze because they have more options than Pieology,” Khin Thu (11) said. “Plus, it’s a dollar or two less for something even better and the friendly workers at Blaze make it easier for [me] to approach.”

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