AHS students gathered to participate in the second annual Lip Dub

Neha Muppidi and Sandra Resurreccion

Staff Writers

    On Friday, March 17, 2017, AHS students united on the last morning of Spring Fest with their classes, teammates, clubs, and fellow Eagles to create the second annual Lip Dub.

    Spirited students sporting red, white, and blue packed the halls and rotunda, forming clusters based on clubs, sports teams, and class while the cameraman worked his way through each area to film the excitement.

    “I think the Lip Dub is so great because it shows the diversity at American,” Sophomore Class Vice President Moriah Lin (10) said. “There are so many great clubs and sports and the Lip Dub is a great way of showing how people are so involved and passionate to represent their school.”

    While all of the Lip Dub participants enjoyed taking part in a fun and inclusive day, those who organized the event faced some challenges along the way.

    “This year’s Lip Dub was definitely a success, but if I were to change something, I would make the route longer because the hallways were so hard to walk backwards in,” cameraman and Head of the Technician Committee Andrew Kuo (12) said. “It was also difficult to shoot the [scenes] that weren’t on Lip Dub day because we were on a time crunch.”

    Despite the unexpected issues, most AHS students and Leadership were happy with how the Lip Dub eventually turned out and how it represented the school.  

    “I’m really proud of what we accomplished,” Clubs Committee Head Aastha Shah (12) said. “We wanted to be inclusive and make sure all of American would take pride in going to our school, and I think we did a great job.”

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