99% Tea House is a new shop on Thornton Avenue that sells various types of milk tea. The Taro Milk Tea with black sticky rice toppings ($4.00) is pictured above.

A new teahouse in Fremont that sells an assortment of snacks and flavored milk teas  

Neha Muppidi

Staff Writer

    99% Tea House is a new shop that specializes in milk tea. It is a new addition to the Sunset Village complex of eateries located on Thornton Avenue.

    I visited 99% Tea House at around 4:00 pm on a Sunday. This was an ideal time to come as there were not too many customers at the time. However, even with the lack of customers the place felt very cramped, which was a major disappointment for me.

    While the teahouse did not have any apparent theme, it was very casual and had simple yet modern decor. The interior consisted of small, brown wooden tables, black plastic chairs, and a tall white counter where food and drinks could be ordered. The only decorations were fancy lights that hung from the ceiling and a few pictures on the wall.

    Reading the menu, I was satisfied with the prices as they seemed reasonable and not overly expensive ($3 – $5 for most drinks and snacks). I was also glad to see that the teahouse offered a large variety of drinks. Along with classic drinks such as Green Milk Tea, 99% Tea House also sold unique flavors such as Nutella Black Milk Tea and Kumquat Lemon Green Tea. The place also offered an assortment of snacks such as macaroons, hand-made taro balls, and egg pudding. Other popular items on the menu were Oolong Milk Tea, Matcha Red Bean Tea, Peach Green Tea, and Oreo Macaroons.

    After looking through the menu, I decided to order a Taro Milk Tea with black sticky rice and a salted caramel macaroon. When my drink and snack arrived, they looked and tasted a lot like tea from other similar businesses, like T4, and they did not have any special elements making them any more unique than what is offered at other teahouses. However, a positive that I found was that the portions were relatively large and seemed like a good deal for the price they costed.

    I was content with the customer service at 99% Tea House because the cashier was well-informed about the items on the menu and kindly took time to answer questions I had about their specials.

    Overall, I would give 99% Tea House 7 out of 10 stars. While it had amazing food and drinks and polite customer service, the shop itself was very small and crowded, which created a generally uncomfortable atmosphere. 99% Tea House is a great place to bring a friend and enjoy snacks and milk tea.


3623 Thornton Ave, Fremont, CA 94536; (510) 509-2315

Business Hours: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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