Twitter announces that the mobile app Vine is being discontinued

Allan Sainz

Staff Writer

    On Thursday October 27, 2016, Twitter announced that in coming months the beloved mobile app Vine will no longer be in service.

   This does not mean that all the iconic vines are going to be deleted. Vines like, “Damn Daniel,” “Look at all those chickens!”, and “A potato flew around my room” will forever have a presence on the internet. The app will still be available to view, but users will not be able to post on it.

    Twitter also stated that Vine will still remain online because the company believes that it is important to still be able to watch the incredible videos. Since the app was very popular amongst teens and young adults the news shocked them.

    This announcement was not a surprise to many Viners, as Twitter has been financially struggling for some time. The rise of social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram have taken the spotlight off of Vine.

    “Markerly,” a tech partner providing end-to-end influencer management, identified that the majority of Vine accounts with 15,000 or more followers did not post for more than a year.

    Vine’s small, New York-based team struggled to grow its user base and keep the users they already had. While Vine once had a lead over other social media apps, it failed to keep up as competitors added features like selfie filters on Snapchat and Instagram stories.

    The app generated countless admired memes and cultural moments like “Eyebrows on Fleek,” but this was not enough for Vine to keep up with the popularity of Snapchat and Instagram.

    Another reason for Vine’s failure was that advertisers disliked the concept of six second videos. It is difficult for a company to advertise a product in a matter of six seconds.  Instead, advertising companies turned to Instagram and Snapchat for a better turnout in regards to income.

    Not only this, but popular Vine stars such as Nash Grier, Thomas Sanders, Logan Paul, and King Bach, have all left the platform to post elsewhere like Snapchat to become more profitable, or because Vine did not support their work.

    Vine is much more than just a mobile app. It is an internet culture, Vine is a comedic media platform and it is sad to see the app die off. Vine shutting down is a cultural loss for all teens and young adults. The simple app brought groups of people like Vine stars together and launched them off into a unique and fun career. Vine helped bring laughter to people all across the internet and although other apps like Snapchat and Instagram do the same thing and will completely replace Vine in the future, it has left an iconic mark all over social media.

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