New club at AHS unites students through their different interests

Jaclyn Ferreira

Staff Writer

    Every year, new clubs are added to American that spark interest of students. Many clubs accommodate things such as school subjects, ethnicity, and community. Fandom club is one of the new clubs at American that is unique from all the other clubs at the school.

    “I think that it’s a really cool idea,” Miss Emmons, the advisor of Fandom club, said. “I enjoy seeing the conversations that happen. I think it is different because it brings together people who are passionate about their fandoms.”

    Fandom club aims to diverts students away from stressful topics like school subjects and covers topics like books and videogames that students might not share openly.

    “Over the past year, I saw that people were engaged in clubs that cost less and that were for college,” Club President Isita Bagayatkar (10) said. “I saw that nobody really was having fun and I wanted to start a club in which people could share similar interests.”

    With only a few clubs that cover leisure activities, like baking and art, Fandom Club is different because it does not focus on one certain subject.

    “Other clubs are directed at specific interests,” Vice President Purnima Qamar (10) said. “Fandoms are different like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. The fandoms are selected by club members. As an officer team, we will suggest these fandoms.”

    Besides Fandom Club’s intention to discuss the various likes of its members, the club hopes to be able to unite the students who have joined.

    “The Fandom Club’s goal is to bring together people based on their similar and different interests,” Bagayatkar said. “I have noticed that students mostly engage in academic activities, which are necessary since they help with college applications; however, many do not get enough time to engage in leisure activities, which are important to cope with the workload. The Fandom Club wants to create a balance between academia and leisure activities. We want to reach out to all kinds of people.”

    With much planned for the 2016-2017 school year, the club will in no doubt keep its members busy.

    “Our plans include Arts and Crafts, debates, and chapter bonding events,” Bagayatkar said. “We encourage people that do not belong to the fandom being referenced to come join us to meet new people and enjoy!”

   There is an abundance of members already, making the club a sanctuary for its members who sometimes feel as if they cannot relate to anyone.

    “As a fangirl, I feel a little left out sometimes,” Dora Sheade (10) said. “Not very many of my friends are into the same fandoms as I am and because of that it’s not hard for me to think I’m weird or out of place. As a member of this club, I really hope to find a community of supportive friends who share the same interests as me.”

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