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ASB and Science and Eco Club host water conservation activities

Navya Kaur


   On the week of April 18th, Science and Eco Club held various events during lunch in celebration of Earth and the environment.

    Junior Celine Chen also used Science and Eco Club’s platform to aid in her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. She helped organize and host Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s activities for her project.

    “My project is based off of water conservation due to the drought that our local area has been experiencing,” Chen said. “I thought of holding a few workshops at school and thought it would be perfect to work with Science and Eco Club, since they are in charge of spreading awareness of environmental issues.”

    The week started off with water conservation bingo in Ms. Wheaton’s classroom on Monday. Students crossed out squares that correlated to the water conservation techniques Chen stated. Candy and other prizes were awarded to the winners.

    “The activity implemented and emphasized the reasons why water should be conserved in such a severe drought of our local area,” Chen said. “Even though there has been a lot of rain recently, the drought is far from over.”

   Wednesday’s activity involved a do-it-yourself project where students created their own water wetland in a small cup using soil, sand, rocks, plants, and water.

    “I chose to a make a wetland, since they are natural water conservation environments,” Chen said. “I wanted to implement ideas of water conservation other than the basic ways to save water and present information in a way that was interesting to the students.”

    The week culminated with another do-it-yourself activity on orange-flavored detergent on Friday. Students were taught how to make detergent at home using orange peels, vinegar, and mason jars.  

    “[The activity was] very hands-on,” vice president of Science and Eco Club, Kathryn Tarver, said. “It gave students the opportunity to connect with the principles of sustainability.”

    Junior Jackie Le also participated in the project and found it engaging and informative.

    “I thought this was such a creative project,” Le said. “And on top of that, I learned I could help make the world a greener place.”

    Apart from Science and Eco Club’s workshops, ASB also encouraged students to bike, skateboard, and walk to school on Tuesday. Students who brought their bikes were able to get repairs done in front of Gateway.

     “The reason behind Earth Week was really just to celebrate the earth and remind people of the importance of being environmentally friendly, while also providing cool things to do and unique events and opportunities for our club members and the entire school population in general,” Science and Eco Club President Denise Kuo said.

   On Tuesday and Thursday, Science and Eco Club also sold potted plants for $2 at SAC. Each plant was cultivated in plastic bottles to reinforce the importance of recycling and conservation.

    “We sold the flowers to remind people of the importance to take care of the Earth and all the living things in it,” Kuo said. “We used plastic water bottles as pots to also remind people of how easy it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It was also just really fun to sell pretty flowers and we knew people would enjoy them.”

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