Cantonese-style Dim Sum and Barbeque Comes to Newark

New Hwong Kok Dim Sum & BBQ

Sophia Cheng

Staff Writer

    Ranging from sweet to savory, the New Hwong Kok Dim Sum & BBQ in Newark’s Lion Center Plaza offers a wide selection of fresh to-go snacks, hot meals, and meat dishes with an authentic Cantonese taste.

    Located within the Lion Shopping Center, the restaurant is out of sight from anyone passing outside, but easily accessible for shoppers looking for a quick bite or a sit-down meal. The food displays, cash register, and the kitchen are lined up along the right side. Separated by a narrow walkway leading to the back are the tables. However, the restaurant’s cash register is inconveniently placed next to the door, which creates a traffic jam by the door when crowded. In addition, the restaurant seems more suited for take-out, with seating limited to the few tables inside.

    The food can be separated into three categories: dim sum, dessert, and hot rice or noodle meals. While not every item on their extensive dim sum menu is available at one time, what they do offer is inconsistent in quality. Because food is made throughout the day, some of the hot dim sum is cold to lukewarm. Meat and salted egg seem to be the main ingredients in the pastries, which although more regular, are decent in taste.

    The savory egg pastry I tried had a very tough, chewy egg inside, and tasted strongly of ginger. Their pan-fried items are slightly too oily, but both the radish cake and the chives bun were savory with a nice, slightly crisp exterior. The steamed dim sum tasted fresh and flavorful, standing out among the other food there. Interestingly, you can see the individual ingredients, and the seafood items even have a vegetable medley in them.

    Aside from the dim sum, the meals offered are simple, with rice or noodles with a side of meat and vegetables. They also offer take-out, which seems to be the more popular option among customers. However, according to the manager, their barbequed meat, which takes the window display, is their specialty.

   I would recommend the New Hwong Kok Dim Sum & BBQ to people looking for a decently priced, local dim sum spot. It definitely has clamor and bustle of a traditional, casual Chinese spot, but with it comes the convenience and huge variety of food to satisfy your Cantonese food cravings.

Rating: 7/10

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