Possible safety precaution for future vandalism

Stephanie Herrera & Stephan Lopez

Staff Writers

    The recent fire that occurred in the 500 wing has led administrators to think about how American High would benefit from having cameras on campus. The idea is that having cameras in place would make the life of many staff members much easier by enabling them to monitor their students better.

    Administrators have taken this idea to consideration and thought about the invasions of privacy and how the parents of students may feel as their kids would always be watched.

    “Do people really wanna go to a school where everywhere you turn there’s a camera?” officer Candler said.

    Administrators fear that if cameras were to be placed in a particular spot, the infractions would only decrease in that particular area.

    “Kids aren’t stupid. If there is a camera in the 500 wing, then the students will just go to the 700 wing or anywhere else that doesn’t have a camera,” officer Candler stated.

    If cameras were to be placed throughout the school, there is also the possibility of kids feeling that they’re always being monitored. The question then comes up about whether or not students  feel like they are in prison or school.

    “It would feel so weird being watched all the time,” student Chrish Vandra said.

    Some teachers also feel like this can limit student experience at school.

    “I don’t know that it creates the best culture to have staff and students coming to a place where they’re being monitored all time,” assistant principal Ms. Melsby said.

    Cameras being put in the school leaves the administrators to question who would be the one to be watching them at all times.

    “I think the cameras would help keep the school in a good condition and make sure no vandalism happens as often,” student Monica Woo said.









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