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PC: S.D. Photography

Ashwini Athreya

Staff Writer

    On January 9, 2016, Tufaan, American’s Bollywood dance team, incorporated Bollywood, hip-hop, and classical styles at Irvington High School Indopak’s 7th annual Dil Se show. The event’s proceeds were donated to the Project RISHI (Rural India Social and Health Improvement) charity, an organization with the goal of transforming rural Indian villages through healthcare and economic development.                

    “Tufaan was the best,” Anushka Walia, a junior from Irvington, said. “What made it so much more interesting than the other dances was the variety. I especially loved the lifting of dancers and the classical Bharatanatyam part, which was a refreshing contrast to the flashy Bollywood.”

    Tufaan’s performance started with the song “Chaiyya Chaiyya” from the film “Dil Se.” The upbeat mood quickly switched when Sonali Singh (12) approached Saahil Patel (12) with an umbrella, imitating a Bollywood film. Joining in with umbrellas, the dancers began a couples dance to “Kabhi Jo Badal.” The performance alternated between male and female solos, including a classical piece and Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)”.

    “The couples dance was my favorite part of the performance,” Dharmendran said. “I loved the song, the use of umbrellas, and the overall aesthetic.”

    Tufaan girls wore shimmery gold shirts the entire performance, but changed from black leggings to teal skirts to red pants throughout their dances. Tufaan boys wore white shirts with blue stripes and black pants.

    “All the outfits at Dil Se were nice this year,” Anisha Bhangui, a junior from American, said. “I really loved the couples dance outfit especially, because the skirts emphasized the gracefulness of it.”

    Dil Se included a vast variety of dances from Irvington, Cupertino, Evergreen, Mission, Mitty, Mota Vista, Piedmont, Silver Creek, Saint Francis, and Washington. Additional performances included Wildcat Bhangra and a dance duet by Anjanaye and Rohit. The only non-dance performance was a song performed by Anjali Thakur, a junior from Irvington, accompanied by piano playing by Aditya Sriram, a senior from Irvington.        

    “The solo dance by those two guys was especially amazing and synchronized,” Keerthana Routhu, a junior from Irvington who performed at Dil Se, said. “Overall, Dil Se this year was even better than last year.”

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