Students share their winter fashion influences

Winter Fashion
Many students on campus are influenced by the latests trends and fads. “In the winter, I definitely like wearing scarves and sweaters,” Dani Tulabing (12) said. “One of my favorite fashion trends are booties.”

AJ De Las Alas and Devon San Nicolas

Staff Writers

    As the fall season transitions into winter, students are influenced by different people and trends and adopt their own unique fashion sense to adapt to the cold weather.

    “I draw inspiration from anything that has its own form of self expression,” Brandon Lee (12) said. “I get inspiration from past artists, such as Sid Vicious and the people in the movie ‘Kids,’ because they were different and weird.”

    For most students, especially girls, a common place to find inspiration is social media. People keep up with the latest fashion trends by following various accounts on Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

    “I follow several fashionable people on Instagram, but I’d have to say that Jhene Aiko is my favorite,” Neha Bhanoori (11) said. “I really admire her island-like fashion sense and how she incorporates cropped garments into her winter outfits.”

    Individuals on Instagram, such as Zendaya, Ariana Grande, and Kendall Jenner, are popular fashion icons that many girls admire.

    “I find a lot of inspiration in the Kardashians since I follow them on a lot of my social media,” Khola Nasir (9) said. “For instance, I like Kourtney’s fashion style and how she wears thigh high boots with oversized sweaters.”

    Generally, the boys on campus get their inspiration from sources outside of social media.

   “I get my influence on how to dress from online shopping because I can see what colors go together,” Matthew Lam (11) said. “A lot of times, I just base my clothes off of coloring, so most of my fashion sense comes from that.”

    Popular winter trends also inspire many students. Layering is a common trend this season and is commonly worn by students on campus.

    “In my outfits, I mostly layer my tops,” Melody Chou (11) said. “I like wearing thick cardigans over flannels and finishing the look off with a scarf on top.”

    Boys also make good use of the layering technique.

    “I like the fact that it gives you a good look,” Jaerell Dimaapi (12) said. “Usually I would start out with a longer layer, then on top of that I would go for a shorter layer, and continue to add shorter and shorter layers. It’s a trend that I’ve been seeing lately from fashion designers, such as Alexander Wang, who is my favorite designer. I usually follow the trends from different fashion designers as well.”

    Since students come from various places, their fashion may be influenced.

    “As someone from New York, I had to deal with extremely cold weather,” Nasir said. “Since myself and many others took the bus to school, we had to wear boots and thick layers of clothing to stay warm. Here at American it’s not that cold, so I’m fine going to school with just a jacket.”

    Even those who came from areas near American are influenced by their past experiences.

    “The people at my old school in Santa Clara often wore hoodies almost every day in the winter,” Preetham Srinivasan (9) said. “When I moved to Fremont, I still keep the same fashion style and continue to wear sweaters and hoodies.”

    Winter fashion is different for almost all students because it reflects the student’s personality. Essentially, it is a way to express oneself to the fullest.

    “I feel like the way you dress everyday affects everything,” Brandon Lee (12) said. “Your mood, how your day will go, or the overall persona I give off. I try and dress a way that I feel best suits me. Say I was feeling happy and colorful, maybe I will wear a red sweater, but on most days I dress head to toe in black because I have a monochromatic personality.”

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