Media focuses on Paris while other regions also face terrorism

Stephanie Herrera

Staff Writer

    Much love is being sent out to Paris, France for the terrorist attacks that happened last week, but what about the other countries that are also experiencing these sorts of events?

    On social media, one can find many pictures that say “Pray for Paris” and include the hashtag “#prayforparis”. The media doesn’t seem to inform its audience on everything that’s going on.  These things occur around the globe almost everyday and support is needed for all those affected by it.

    There have been 25 terrorist attacks throughout the world as of November 19. On the 17th of this month, there were bombings in Yola, Nigeria. More than 34 people were killed while 80 others were injured.  

     The media should inform everyone on what is happening throughout the world no matter how small the attack may be. For example, a few people were killed in Raqqa, Syria, but not very many people know about this occurrence. It is important for us all to know what is happening in order to try and prevent these things from happening.

    The following day, another terrorist attack took place in Kano, Nigeria killing about 15 and wounding more than 123.  The main suspect for these attacks is Boko Haram.

    A suicide bombing happened in Beirut, Lebanon the 12th of November, which killed 43 people and harmed 240. Something has to be done to prevent these attacks.

    Preventative measures are being taken across the European Union and the rest of the world such as tighter border control and background checks for citizens.

    To help stop terrorism, the dictators who fund ISIS need to stop being supported. Our support and prayers should be sent out to all the countries experiencing terrorism even if the casualties aren’t as massive.

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