Sheagles compete against Arroyo, tying the game 2-2

Max Broberg

Staff Writer

   On December 1, 2015, the American Sheagles played a home game against Arroyo, tying 2-2.  The game was still a preseason match-up, but that didn’t mean the Sheagles were any less prepared to shoot for victory.

   The moment the game began, the two teams instantly reached a deadlock. American struggled as they took to the field, unable to maintain ball possession.

    “I think it started pretty slow. We were pretty flat footed, but after the second half we really stepped it up,” Neha Pasricha (12) said.

    American continually failed to complete passes, so the ball remained mostly in Arroyo’s possession. Arroyo had many opportunities to score a goal; however, they could not penetrate past American goalie, Abigail Burnell (11). As the first half approached to an end, Arroyo finally managed to score from a free kick.

    Similar to the first half, Arroyo scored again only moments in the second half. However, American refused to be held back. Suddenly, the Sheagles started a more aggressive approach as they began to pass to feet and adapt to a more offensive strategy.

    Although Arroyo struggled to defend, American quickly pushed in for a goal by Angelique Valenzuela (9), assisted by Briana Page (10). American kept up their energy as Valenzuela scored a second goal, assisted by Pasricha, with only minutes left in the second half.

    “The two that stood out the most were freshman Angie Valenzuela and sophomore Sheila Naderpour,” Pasricha said. “Angie was playing hard throughout the game and she was pressuring the ball really hard. Sheila was dropping back and being anywhere she could help the team.”

    The clock ran down as a tie, 2-2. Members of the team look forward to this season of league as a chance to show what they are capable of.

    “I feel like we are going to come out strong and if we keep putting hard work in at practice, I think league will be pretty successful,” Valenzuela said.

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