Holiday Boutique Raises Money for Grad Night

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On December 5, 2015, students and parents volunteered at the Holiday Boutique’s bake sale booth in front of SAC. They sold both quick snacks and edible stocking stuffers and gifts. “I loved how the community came together and how people came together with their families to spend time with each other,” Saahil Patel (12) said.

Sophia Cheng

Staff Writer

    On December 5, 2015 from 10am to 5pm, the rotunda lined with handmade crafts and clothing, Christmas decorations, and sweet treats. The annual American High School Holiday Boutique gave the community the opportunity for some early Christmas shopping while helping lower the costs for Grad Night at Disneyland.

    The idea of a Holiday Boutique was brought up five years ago by a prospective vendor. Although the number of vendors has dropped from sixty vendors to forty vendors after the first year, it has attracted more people each year. This year, the Holiday Boutique also added a gift wrap station accepting donations and offered Warriors basketball tickets as the grand prize for the raffle .

    “It’s a win-win situation. People can find unique gifts, and the vendor fees and money from big sales contribute to making the seniors Grad Night more affordable.” AHS Grad Night Chairperson Julie Haynes said.

   Each year, the Holiday Boutique has also been an integral part of Grad Night fundraising efforts. While there are smaller fundraisers throughout the year that contribute to Grad Night expenses, proceeds from the Holiday Boutique attribute to more than half of the money raised.

    American High School’s students have been active contributors to the Holiday Boutique, coming in with family and friends, as volunteers, and even as vendors. This year, Science and Eco Club and the special education class secured their own vendor spot to sell their own handmade trinkets. Students also contributed their time at the PTSA raffle and bake sale booth.

     “The special ed kids really added a special touch to the Holiday Boutique with their handmade candles and ornaments,” Saahil Patel (12) said. “They were simple, but festive and made with care.”

    The Holiday Boutique’s unique gift options makes this annual event a great destination for unique, heart-felt gifts.

    “Everything is reasonably priced. The desserts are especially good,” Science and Eco club officer Katherine Tarver (11) said. “I would definitely encourage more people to come. The more the merrier.”

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