Students from FUSD start ‘Promoting Positivity’ campaign

Devon San Nicolas

Staff Writer

High school students from the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) came together to form a campaign, based on advocating human kindness, known as ‘Promoting Positivity,’ which started on November 11, 2015.

“Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of bullying, we want to focus on what the students do to benefit their community and others around them,” senior Niko Montes said.

Members from the Students United for the Representation to the FUSD Board of Education (SURFBoardE) have designed a way to pass on positivity, with the use of wristbands.

“If you see somebody promoting positivity, as in like doing a good deed, you give them a band and what you do is you tell the person to log onto the FUSD website. There you can enter in the number that’s on the band and enter why you gave that band away. Then, what it’s supposed to do is keep the chain ongoing. As time progresses, you see a whole chain of stories about how your community is a better place and what these people do,” Montes said.

Students are also encouraged to not only promote positivity in the surrounding community, but to go beyond and reach out to further regions of California or perhaps out of state.

“We’re hoping that people really take it on and follow our initiative with it and buy into the idea. To make that happen, it starts with one person,” Tara Habibi said.

This campaign allows people to appreciate the good will in their communities, and in doing so, it hopes to unite one another.

“Besides promoting positivity, what we want is to have students recognize that the world is a better place. And I think that brings out some kind of inspiration in people to promote positivity, like the name implies,” Montes said.

‘Promoting Positivity’ is a way to inspire and encourage compassion for others in the community—starting in schools.

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