Review on carne asada tacos

The picture shows the carne asada tacos (plain). $6 for all three. ($2 each)
The picture shows the carne asada tacos (plain). $6 for all three. ($2 each)

Stephanie Herrera

Staff writer

Every city usually has a quick, go-to taco truck around the corner. Out of all the tacos places I’ve been to, nothing can compare to Tacos Acapulco.

    Located in Hayward on the corner of Royal Ave and West A Street, the taco truck sits next to a place where you are able to sit down and enjoy your delicious meal.

    I waited in line for less than two minutes and was pleasantly welcomed by the cook and ordered three tacos of carne asada with no toppings. The best time to visit this taco truck is at night. The menu contained a variety of meats for tacos and fresh Mexican drinks along with other authentic Mexican lunches. For tacos, you can order them with toppings such as cilantro, onions and/or salsa. Tacos and drinks are two dollars each.

    Since there were only two people working at the truck, the wait was about ten minutes.The tacos were about four inches in diameter.  When I took the first bite, I instantly knew that this would be one of my go-to places from now on. The tortillas tasted homemade and they were accompanied by the juicy carne asada. In addition, tacos certainly tasted as if they were made with dedication. However,the  meat came in portions that made it a bit too difficult to chew. Overall, the tacos were delicious.

    I give this taco truck a rating of 9 out of 10. The tacos would have been more delectable if the meat had been cut into smaller pieces. This place had reasonable prices in comparison to other taco trucks and it was certainly worth the drive to Hayward.

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