Zeralene Yet

Guest Writer

     Often times spirit week is seen as a competition and the fact that we’re judged only adds to that connotation. But really, spirit week is an exciting week: it’s homecoming; it’s cheering; it’s being proud to be an eagle.

     I’m proud to be an eagle because there are no barriers between our classes. Our school is small—it’s intimate—there are no social groups or cliques. Only peers, friends, and family.

     But the seniors did not embody this. Not only did they go against the juniors (rather explicitly) but they convinced lower classmen that 2017 was, for lack of better terms, fake. That 2017 supported and cheered them on for petty points—not because all classes are genuinely amazing. My three years as an eagle has taught me that unity is a moral to be emphasized and the juniors put a lot into doing so.

     The seniors had a phenomenal rally. They started strong with the singing and ended wonderfully. Their dances were amazing, especially their senior step. When the bell rang (and then the second) I left the gym thinking, “I would have enjoyed this better had they not been rude.” Other senior classes dissed the lower classes, yes, but not to the extent of 2016. 2016 shared rude comments online. They started a chant battle against 2017. They threw stuff at other classes like banana peels and, ungratefully, threw handouts back. These actions shouldn’t be encouraged and the teachers were right to give the win to the juniors.

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