The juniors get their scare on with morning march, new chants, and spectacular dances.

PC: Adan Junaid

Meenu Kumaraguru

Staff Writer

    On Monday, October 19, 2015, the juniors kicked off American High School’s annual Spirit Week.

    “The most successful aspect will probably be how energized the crowd will get because our class is great at helping people express their school pride,” class of 2017’s vice president, Zoe Hsaio, said.  

     This year, the skit was based on the popular Pixar movie, “Monsters Inc. The juniors started their day off with morning march, parading around the rotunda while chanting and sporting the class color, white.

    “Morning march is one of the biggest highlights of the day, because our class is really loud and fun. I love that it’s positive and exciting,” Kristy Lu, junior class senator, said.

    The lunch rally was filled with various dances, like Bollywood, Tahitian, couples, and a Beyoncé mashup. The juniors’ skit brought all the “Monster’s Inc.” characters to life, including Boo, Sully, Mike, Celia, and Randall.

    “I liked Boo the best because everything about her seemed almost identical to the original character from the movie,” sophomore Disha Sivakumar said.

    Junior Owen Farmer performed his much-anticipated unicycle act, incorporating new aspects to this year’s tricks. He used a wider variety of obstacles, including a platform with different levels.

     “My favorite part was definitely Owen’s stunts on the unicycle. I was nervous for him but he was amazing,” senior Suchi Narayanan said.

    The rally concluded with a unity dance, where all the performers came together to make their mark.

    “Our skit was a huge improvement from last year. We had way more people involved in our rally as well,” Saurav Chhatrapati, a member of the junior council, said.

 Other members of the junior class found that the hype of spirit week had decreased from previous years, yet still had pride of their class.  “Personally, I thought that last year’s spirit week was more exciting. Nevertheless, I loved our morning march and all the positive cheering in the rotunda during lunch,” junior Hamza Mojadidi said.



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