Class of 2019 M19HTY in Numbers and Spirit


Sophia Cheng

Staff Writer

    Entering the Spirit Week scene, not to be overlooked, were the freshmen who turned the rotunda into a sea of red and deafening cheering on Wednesday.

    Over six hundred people strong, the cheering and chanting carried into brunch and overflowed to the rally at lunch. In the skit, the main cast of Disney’s Inside Out wrestled with Riley’s homecoming problem.  Complementing the skit were a variety of dances: couples, Bollywood, Tahitian, hip hop group 1 and 2, and unity with a backflip that sent the audience to their feet.

       Despite technical difficulties in the beginning, the classes united to support the freshman and kept up the energy.  “They did really well. I would flunk all four years to see all their performances. In other words, they have earned my mark of approval,” senior Marvin Li said.

“Overall, the freshman performances kept up the momentum building up from the performances from the juniors and sophomores.”  

    For the freshman, the highlight of spirit week was “getting to meet new people, and grow closer to others who were involved,” according to freshman Amy Chong. As for the rally, “we [the freshman class] were loud,” she said. Those who were not on the gym floor were in the stands showing off their class spirit.

    “We did pretty well. Sweated our butts off, but overall had a good time,” freshman class president Ashley Liu said, “Most importantly, we made everyone happy.”

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