Leadership heroes ensure this year’s successful rally

PC: Alex Dominguez
PC: Alex Dominguez

Jennifer Fong

Staff Writer

    As the final class Spirit Week Rally on Thursday, October 22, American High School’s seniors took their last bow for the year.

    Tensions ran high as Sonali Singh (12) described how she felt before the rally.

    “I’m super nervous. I literally have shivers in my body right now, huge butterflies, kind of sweating a little bit. I think [the rally] is going to be really great. We’re all so united this week and we’re just going to be able to pull it together because we have each other’s backs,” Singh said.

    The rally itself was based on “The Incredibles” movie from Pixar. The skit centered around Mr. and Mrs. Incredible helping their children, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, control their powers.

    “I’m feeling good, feeling excited, feeling ready. Obviously you can hear that people have really come together this year for senior year and what more can you expect? It’s going to be a great Spirit Week and I love that our class is united. Everyone knows what they’re doing and we’ve rehearsed this; I’m confident we’ll destroy Spirit Week,” Devon Maddex (12) as the antagonist, Syndrome, said.

    Despite Maddex’s confidence, not everyone shared his level of optimism.

    “It’s kind of emotional, you know. It’s going to be fun, but seeing it end… This is the last time I’ll be doing something like this. It’s a bittersweet moment,” Akhil Dua (12), as Jack-Jack, said.

    After the 100-strong unity dance, class president Saahil Patel (12) said, “I’m really sad that Spirit Week is over at American High School. This has been part of the last four years of my high school experience, planning it every single summer, and it’s definitely going to be something that I will miss a lot. I hope all the classes learn something from today; senior year really does pull through.”

    Likewise, ASB President Tara Habibi (12) shared in Saahil’s, and most of the performers’, sentiment.

     “Is it too cliché to say I’m feeling Incredible? I think that we put so much more work into this one; we have so much more experience behind us. And after last year, we knew we had to bring it and had to prove ourselves, and I think we really did. I might cry. I don’t know, it feels really… I just know we left behind a little bit of a legacy here—and I think that’s really cool,” Habibi said.

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