Students perform the Spirit Week rallies in a mass “Night Rally” performance

Max Broberg

Staff Writer

   Students of all classes united last Thursday evening, October 22, 2015, to perform in American’s first ever night rally. The rally combined the four individual classes’ Spirit Week rallies into a single event, which was shown to parents and friends who could not see the lunch performances during the week.

   “I was excited to see how parents would react to what we put our work into,” performer Nina Krishnan (12) said.

   Classes had been preparing for the Spirit Week rallies since last year ended. However, they only received word of the night rally the week before the performance.

   “The night rally was pulled off excellently considering we had late notice and considering the amount of kids who were surprised we were having a night rally, which was so unorthodox for this school,” student class activities director Christopher “Niko” Montes (12) said.

   The night rally was introduced this year and was the first spirit week event to involve parents.

   “I think for our first one, it was really good, but I think it could use some improvement,” performer Ashley Chu (10) said.

    Many parents who came to view the rally enjoyed seeing the students’ work culminate into a final end product.

   “The whole thing is incredible. It’s a very rich experience to see,” viewer Mr. Sampath said. “In the middle of their workload, it’s very hard to do a professional kind of performance, but nevertheless, it was a marvelous, incredible performance.”

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