Review on Milkcow

Meenu Kumaraguru

Staff Writer

    The hype of the new Milkcow Café has been buzzing for the past few weeks. Since I missed the grand-opening of the shop a while back, I was really anticipating devouring a creamy cup of the popular, all-natural Milkcow ice cream.

    The cafe is located at 5657 Auto Mall Parkway, Fremont CA, 94538. Business hours are from 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

    If you decide to visit this place, make sure to stop by at a time when the rush is moderate, since the cafe tends to receive a sizable crowd in the evenings and on the weekend.

    The primary difference between Milkcow’s soft-serves and the average soft-serve is the unique choice of toppings they offer. Some of the popular toppings include home-made macarons, honeycombs fashioned with all-natural honey, and cotton candy.

    I visited the cafe on a weekday evening, and luckily the crowd was very mild so I was able to receive my order quickly. The staff was courteous, yet not very welcoming or enthusiastic.

However, being that the place has been up and running for a while now, they were all extremely organized and the service was on par. I really loved the streamlined, modern interior of the shop, and the whole theme and ambience came together really well.

A Milkyway soft-scream ice cream, topped off with a fresh macaroon.
A Milkyway soft-scream ice cream, topped off with a fresh macaroon.

    Despite the many interesting flavors of ice-cream, I ended up ordering a Milkyway soft-serve ($2.85 for a small, and $3.50 for a large), which is basically vanilla ice cream, topped off with a macaroon. In my opinion, nothing beats the frothiness and classic flavor of vanilla. The most crowd-pleasing order at Milkcow is the Milk Honey flavor ($3.65 for a small, and $4.30 for a large), which is vanilla soft-serve drizzled with all-natural liquid honey. Another crowd favorite is the Black Pearl ($3.85 for a small, and $4.50 for a large), which is regular vanilla sprinkled with sea salt, cocoballs, and a dash of hazelnut syrup.

    The wait for my order was rather short, considering there were only two other customers with me at the time. With my first bite, the ice cream instantly melted in my mouth. I could taste the creaminess and the fluffy texture of the soft serve. However, the ice cream melted at an increasingly fast rate.

    In addition, I was a bit disappointed at the overall taste. For a “premium soft-serve ice cream,” I imagined something better than the typical soft-serve you order at McDonalds, and my Milkyway was simply like slurping milk with a spoon. After a short while, it was no different than drinking a cup of milk.

    Despite the freshness in the ice cream, I felt as though even the small cup I had ordered was quite heavy and a tad overfilling. The price of the ice cream is definitely the biggest setback; with toppings, you end up paying over five dollars for a simple soft-serve!

    Milkcow’s ice cream was definitely not the kind for me. If you do decide to go, I suggest getting the small size and picking one or two toppings at the most. The ice cream is rich, but keep in mind that it may be too thick for some sweet enthusiasts. Customer service was not particularly extraordinary, but they do their best to work fast and run their business with efficiency.   

Rate: 7/10

Milkcow: 5657 Auto Mall Parkway, Fremont CA, 94538; (510) 657-8890

Business hours are 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

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