Carnival cancelled due to liability issues

Vrunda Shah
Staff Writer

American High School originally planned to host a carnival on April 3, 2015, but due to liability concerns, ASB was forced to call off the event.

Even though ASB originally created the event for the students to have fun and unite, the idea was rejected. Before an event takes place, it must be approved by the school as well as the district office. First, the application portion of the Faculty Use Permit, which can be obtained from the website, must be completed. Then, the principal signs it off if the custodians are present on the date of the event.  However, April 3, 2015 was a designated holiday for the custodial staff; without them, the event could not take place. But even if the date was changed to fit the schedule of the custodians, the carnival could not have taken place due to liability issues.

“The liability concerns are why FUSD has set up such a rigorous process for approval, and when you consider all the ways schools can be held responsible for things that happen on a campus, I think that is understandable,” Principal Musto said. “It is difficult to be the one who says ‘no’ to students and staff who have the enthusiasm for projects. It’s hard to convey how challenging the process can be.”

Sophomore class president Owen Farmer and junior class vice-president Miraj Patel advertised the event through fliers posted around the school and a Facebook event, which was later deleted. Despite their efforts to promote this event, they were both upset when they did not receive the permit to host the carnival.

 Fliers were posted all around the school to promote the carnival that would have taken place at American High School on April 3, 2015.

Fliers were posted all around the school to promote the carnival that would have taken place at American High School on April 3, 2015.

“The carnival was cancelled because of a variety of issues including liability issues and complications with the district and insufficient planning,” Farmer said. “I understand why the school had their objections, but I was still pretty bummed  out to hear that it was cancelled.”

ASB planned to include activities such as human foosball, mini golf, hamster ball, and other games. Tickets were five dollars for students and seven dollars for adults. Had the event occurred, the profit gained from the carnival would be distributed among the four classes.

“The only purpose was to give American High School a fun event,” Patel said. “We calculated out potential money takings and we would make next to nothing or even lose some money, but to see everyone have a good time would be worth it,” Patel said.

Many students looked forward to attending this event and bond with their peers at the carnival. Sophomore Zeralene Yet hopes that the carnival can come back next year.

“The carnival is just a really fun idea,” Yet said. “The excitement came more from the idea and how well executed it would have been. Hopefully ASB ends the year with a redo carnival.”

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