AGT held to showcase students’ talents

Jacky Tsang

Staff Writer

From breathtaking acapella, to traditional Chinese dancing, American’s Got Talent—a rendition of the popular TV show—was a successful night filled with talented performers.

ASB held the event on March 6 as a talent show to feature the various talent students had. Each performances were rated by 3 judges—Mr. Fulton, his wife, and Mrs. Westover—on a scale of 1 to 10. The competitive factor served as a way for each performer to put on a show to the best of their ability since the grand prize for coming in first place was a trophy and a $100 Amazon gift card funded by PTSA.

Freshmen Urvi Vyas and Neha Datta dance a classical Indian dance on the night of American’s Got Talent. The event was held on Friday, March 6, to showcase the amount of talent that students had.

“American’s Got Talent is basically a talent show to really highlight the individuals at our school and the vast amount of talent that we all possess,” ASB vice president Tara Habibi said.

The event had a wide variety of different performances that received a standing ovation from the audience. Despite technical difficulties, many audience members, including sophomore Michelle Man, were impressed by the diversity displayed at the show.

“I really liked all of the performances because I got to see many talented performers showcase their abilities,” Man said. “I was really impressed by the performances, and the MCs Rizza Bautista, Owen Farmer and Miraj Patel were really funny, which made this event perfect.”

Last year, American’s Got Talent was originally scheduled to happen around the same time, but due to conflicting events and lack of preparation, it was cancelled.

“The event fell through last year as there wasn’t a focused plan for it, and many other events were going on around the same time,” Habibi said. “This time, we put more energy into it, and we really emphasized making this event successful and a true show of the talent we have at American.

After all the performers were finished, the MCs finally announced Shelby Casey as the winner, who performed an acoustic cover of “Red High Heels” by Kellie Pickler.

Senior Shelby Casey performs an acoustic cover of “Red High Heels” by Kellie Pickler at American’s Got Talent. She won the talent show and received a $100 Amazon gift card and a trophy, which were all funded by PTSA.

“I was surprised when I won because there so many talented people in the show,” senior Casey said. “I was also extremely excited to have gotten that kind of recognition for my performance.”

In the end, everyone who performed was praised for their effort—regardless of the results.

“This show really opened my eyes to all the hardworking, talented students and staff we have at American,” Man said. “From all the people who sacrificed their own time to help coordinate this event, to all the talented students who performed, I feel honored to be in a school filled with all these amazing individuals.”

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