One of the top ten apps in app stores

Angelina Maravilla

Staff Writer

A new free app called Trivia Crack was first released in 2013 and has reached number 1 in the app store charts as of December 2014.

It first appeared in Latin America by the Argentina-based gaming company called Etermax, and has raised its number of users and popularity in the United States. Trivia Crack’s success and rise in popularity now goes well beyond Latin America, as it is played worldwide.

“I heard about the game through some friends and I downloaded it and now I can’t stop playing it,” freshman Sheila Sogal said.

This game allows one to create a profile and verse friends or random opponents in a game of trivia covering the topics of history, science, geography, entertainment, art and sports. It has millions of users and contains over one million different trivia questions that are developed in new updates for the app.

“The thing I like about Trivia Crack is that I can verse my friends on it, which makes everything so much more fun,” senior Angel Sarmiento said.

It is played worldwide by many people, and it boosts the users knowledge of the world as they are quizzed on the large range of topics. It manages to keep the players educated and entertained, and can be translated into many languages to their preference.

“It is very addicting,” junior Alyssa Rentar said. “When I first downloaded it I couldn’t stop playing it, and I learn so much more than I knew before.”

Besides iOS, the app is also available to download on Amazon and Google Play, making it accessible to more people. You can also link your Facebook account and invite friends from Twitter and Facebook to play you.

Trivia Crack is highly played by students and continues to rise in popularity as it proceeds to be downloaded.

“I was addicted to it when I first downloaded it; it is an intense and fun game of trivia, and me and my friends would even get into arguments about who was going to win,” senior Matison Hall said. “I highly recommend this game to those who haven’t downloaded it yet!”

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