Interact holds fundraiser bidding officers

Krystal Lai

Staff Writer

American High School’s Interact club hosted an event that auctioned off District Area 4’s student officer members from February 2 to 17 11:59pm.  The profits of the event go towards the area’s yearly international project, “Home Sweet Home.” The district as a whole sets a monetary goal each year, and different events are held to help raise money for it.

“Each school tries to do our part in contributing to reach the goal,” Interact president Ananya Nandy (12) said. “We have previously relied on restaurants and fast food fundraisers to raise money, but have never made a lot of money from those, which is why we do these sort of events.”

The bidding was held for two weeks on Facebook in the comment section, with set rules to make sure it ran smoothly. The bids started at $4 and went up in increments of $1, and people were allowed to bid in groups with a minimum bid of $20. Bidders had to be respectful on the page and were held accountable for their bids.

“There were difficulties handling the situation of people who were not serious about the bidding but leaving comments,” area 4 director Keani Turangan (12) said. “Since this fundraiser is done through Facebook, it’s risky knowing you cannot guarantee that people will pay what they bid until you see the money.”

The district covers a relatively large area, ranging from Alameda to Morgan Hill to Santa Cruz. Winning a date with an officer or area director gives the bidders a chance to spend time with a friend.

“Most participants told their friends to bid on them,” service coordinator Vinita Gorti (11) said. “Winning date auctions are often a good way for friends who live far away to be able to meet up. Plus, most people are comfortable with bidding because all the money goes to charity.”

The officers plan their own dates, but they are mostly classified into two types. One would be like a normal hangout with a friend, whereas the other provides the bidder an opportunity to get advice from the officers to pursue their interests in the club.

“The date can be anything the officer and bidder choose to do, as long as it is within a reasonable cost for the officer since they will be paying for the date,” fundraising coordinator Owen Farmer (10) said. “The officers are responsible for making sure that the money of the bidder is turned in by a specific deadline.”

The fundraiser resulted in an overall total of $1,066. With this success, Interact noted that they have more events planned dedicated towards this project.

“For improvement, we should have established more rules for people to refrain from making fake bids and silly comments that leave the page spammed,” Turangan said. “I think for the first time doing it, it went pretty well and the numbers show that we fundraised quite a bit from this event. There are definitely more fundraisers coming up including a charity dinner, festival, and other events still in the making.”

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