American draws Mission

Vrunda Shah

Staff Writer

After a frantic last ten minutes of the game, American High School’s girl’s soccer varsity team finished the game with a tie 0-0 against Mission San Jose High School. Despite many breakthroughs, attempts to score goals were futile.

The first and second half differed in energy and plays. In the first half of the game, American was more disheveled and panicked; sometimes their first touches did not go to the person intended and the ball went back and forth between the two teams. However, in the second half, the Sheagles were calmer and more rational.

In that half, effective communication and execution of crisp passes enabled American High’s forwards to create many opportunities for scoring goals. Due to the clarity in the passes, Mission’s defense was unable to get a hold of the ball. However, American lacked the ability to execute their plays, since they did not have enough support from the midfielders and defense.

“I think the breakthroughs didn’t follow through with a goal because when the forwards had an opportunity to score, the midfielder and the winged defenders failed to push up into the opposing team’s half to support our forwards,” freshman Sheila Sogol said. “If we were able to get numbers as soon as possible on the attack I believe the pace of the game would have changed drastically.”

American vs Mission pic
Junior Neha Pasricha runs towards the ball, preparing to kick it to her teammate in the game versus Mission at American High School on January 27, 2015.

Trust, communication, and teamwork between American’s goalie, Jamie Kennerk (12), and American’s players was phenomenal. The goalie played a pivotal role in directing the defensive shifts, creating many instances where there were two-on-one situations.

“Communication determines everything because I have the best view of the field, so I have to tell the defense how to handle the ball, since they cannot see,” Kennerk said. “Other than stopping shots, I have to talk during the game as much as possible. Talking with the defense is my biggest priority.”

In contrast, Mission’s defense and goalie lacked that communication. There was an instance where the defense was stuck and American’s forward pressured them, pushing Mission’s player to pass the ball back to the goalie when she did not know what to do. This distressed the goalie, causing them to yell “What are you doing?”

In the last ten minutes of the game, American showed its true talent and potential. American crippled Mission, and had amazing breakthroughs in the last ten minutes.

“The last ten minutes of the game were very different,” junior Neha Pasricha said. “All of a sudden, everything got so much more intense. We were pressuring faster, higher, and chasing down every ball. There were so many opportunities to score which hadn’t presented themselves before but we weren’t able to score. Overall, the energy and the game picked up so much. It was like a whole different game.”

It came down to the last couple minutes for American to attempt to score a winning goal, but they failed to do so. The game ended with a dramatic 0-0 draw.

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