Vrunda Shah

Staff Writer

On February 3, 2015, American High School teacher Gary Marsh passed away. He will be greatly remembered for his dedication to coaching the girl’s water polo team, teaching Merchandise and Marketing, and starting and advising the DECA program.

“Coach Marsh was not only a great DECA teacher, but an amazing coach,” water polo and DECA member Nitasha Sharma (12) said. “Perhaps his best qualities were his dedication to the team, his humbleness, and love for everyone around him. Coach Marsh was loved by everyone who knew him as he was a teacher, coach, mentor, and especially a friend for every student that met him.”

Students and faculty will miss his constant enthusiasm, passion, and devotion towards the school.

“Mr. Marsh was a really kind and generous man,” water polo and DECA member Shreya Shah (11) said. “He will be remembered for his hard work and his positive outlook in life. He taught us to always try our best and to take mistakes as an opportunity to learn and come back stronger.”

The DECA club held an open mic session on February 5 to commemorate his passing and honor his contributions to American High School.

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