ARK club distributes finals care packages

Krystal Lai

Staff Writer

American High School’s Acts of Random Kindness Club (ARK) held an event making and distributing finals care packages for students as the stressful time for finals began to approach.

“The goal of the finals care packages was to make everyone feel a little less worried or scared about the upcoming week of finals,” vice president Abbee Kelati (12) said. “During finals week, students have a habit of stressing out excessively so ARK club wanted to cheer them up and remind them that Finals Week isn’t impossible.”

The idea for care packages originally came from other ARK clubs around the Bay Area, but the club president customized the content and the design of it. Each bag contained a no.2 pencil, a granola bar, fruit snacks, candy, stickers, and a note containing a message from the club. If some students were lucky, they would receive an ARK club pin. The bags were either blue or in polka dot pattern, with the logo of ARK Club stapled on the bag.

“Students spend so much time studying that they don’t have time to eat, which is why we provided food,” Kelati said. “Since tests are often on scantrons, we provided a no.2 pencil to keep them handy. The stickers were chosen to make them smile, since, who doesn’t love stickers? Lastly, the note was written by our club president Jenna Edra to give students encouragement.”

The process of the event was divided into two days. The first day was on Thursday, January 15, where ARK club members and officers went to Mr. Martinez’s room after school to assemble care packages. An assembly line was formed with one person putting in a pencil, then handing it to the person in charge of candy and so on. The next day, the officers gave instructions to the members who would be distributing the packages.

Sophomore Isabelle Lopez poses with one of the care packages she received. “My friend Michelle Man gave it to me,” Lopez said. “I was thrilled because it was so unexpected.” PC: Michelle Man
Sophomore Isabelle Lopez poses with one of the care packages she received. “My friend Michelle Man gave it to me,” Lopez said. “I was thrilled because it was so unexpected.” PC: Michelle Man

“We told the members to be sure to take a package for themselves, and also another one to someone else (an activity we call “Get one, give one!”),” Kelati said. “The club officers took the leftover packages and distributed them randomly all over the school.”

The creation of the care packages depended on club members who volunteered to assemble them.

“I decided to volunteer because I wanted to help people,” freshman Leah Robertson said. “Although these are only the first finals I will be taking, I can imagine the stress the students are in. I really like the idea of the students gathering for a common goal: to help others. It’s a really nice idea, and I think it can lead to a lot of other good things.

Sophomore Isabelle Lopez was one of the students who received a care package.

“I loved [the care package],” Lopez said. “Reading the little note and eating the candy made me feel at ease with the finals to come. Plus I hadn’t eaten yet so it was great to get that granola bar.”

For the club’s first year, this event turned out to be successful. Many students appreciated the efforts made by the club even though Kelati noted some improvements to be made for next year.

“I saw the snapchats and tweets about how much the students appreciated receiving these packages before the three-day weekend,” Kelati said. “The only thing I wish could be improved about this event is having the supplies in order to make them for more students, rather than just the 200 we were able to make.”

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