Navya Kaur & Jacky Tsang

Editor-in-Chief & Staff Writer

Here at the Eagle Era, we are well aware of the dark cloud that is approaching our way. As much as we would have liked to avoid it, we must now come to accept that it’s finally here―finals.

While we only have less than one week to prepare, it is important to utilize all of our lingering time to its full advantage. That means no distractions.

To achieve the optimal level of concentration, here are some tips you could try:

   1. Exercise

We’re not talking about running a marathon, but going out for a quick walk or jog gives your body a surge of happy hormones (endorphins) that will make you more calm and focused while studying. Schedule short, productive exercises in between your studying to keep yourself going! (On a side note, if you need a good workout playlist, here is a list:

  1. Find a Quiet Place

Find a location where you think you can get the most done and minimize distractions. Try the Fremont Main Library, Centerville Library, or a local cafe (we recommend Suju’s Coffee located on Thornton Avenue or Devout Coffee on Niles). Studying at home may not be as efficient, since you’d always be within reach of your laptop, phone, and TV.

devout coffee
  1. Create a Schedule

Before you start studying, visualize on paper all the material you must cover before finals. This way, you can maximize your study efforts without having to cram information during the last few days. The Planner Plus in the Apple App Store and the Schedule Planning app in the Google Play Store are a few recommendations from us that can be utilized for effectively scheduling your time.

  1. Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

No matter how many times you’ve been told, being healthy improves everything, including your academic performance. By eating healthier, depending on the types of food that you eat, you can improve your mental state. With a stronger mentality, you will have a better memory and focus. If you eat healthier, not only will your concentration improve, but you will also feel more energized and motivated throughout the day.



  1. Relax

Part of the reason why people stressed during finals is because they don’t leave time for themselves. If you study for 90 minutes with no breaks, your brain will get too fatigued and too tired to remember any information that you’re trying to memorize. Although it is important to maximize your studying time, it is also important to give yourself a break periodically. Take a walk around your neighborhood or watch a YouTube video. Anything relaxing is the perfect method in rejuvenating your brain so that when you resume your studying, it is easier to retain information.



So if you ever feel too stressed, don’t be demotivated, just take a deep breath, drink some water, take a walk, and start over. The most important advice that we can give you is to just do your best. Good luck!

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