Local Fremont police fatally shot a man suspected of threatening civilians at Harvey Park located on Lake Arrowhead Avenue on Friday, January 16.

The man was seen brandishing a knife and was soon reported to the police, who responded to the threat around 2:15 pm. One officer fired a stun gun at the suspect, followed by a second officer who fired their service weapon.

The suspect’s identity is currently unknown.

“I wasn’t home at the time, but I was confronted┬ánonetheless by a police officer,” junior Oscar Lim said. “They had the entire area on lockdown. Incidentally, the lockdown’s yellow banner covered the street next to mine, but left my street be. Naturally I felt a bit more cautious than I would’ve been. I secured the locks on the front door and the backyard, and I glanced through the house to see if anything happened. At the time, the police had classified the event as confidential, so I didn’t know what happened.”

Onlookers watch as the Fremont Police surround the perimeters of the general crime scene.
PC: Oscar Lim
PC: Oscar Lim
PC: Oscar Lim

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