First FUSD joint unity week

Jacky Tsang

Staff Writer

During the week of December 15, four schools in the Fremont Unified School District, American, Irvington, Kennedy, and Mission, for the first time ever, all participated together in the annual Winter Week.

Winter Week is an annual event that occurs at American. This year, the ASB Council of the four schools decided to host an interdistrict event, in hopes of unifying not just their school, but the entire district itself while also getting everyone ready for the winter holiday.

“The executive ASB council of Irvington thought it would be a cool to get more students involved with Winter Week,” ASB Vice President Tara Habibi (11) said. “It’s something that all schools do, so having some friendly competition between our schools really encourages students to participate. [It also] gets our schools to unite within ourselves and also as FUSD.”

For each day of Winter Week, every student within each school are encouraged to participate by dressing up according to the schedule provided.

Activities Director Mr. Fulton emailed all students and staff of American High as a way to maximize participation and spirit within American.

“We are competing against Irvington, Mission and Kennedy to see which school has the most spirit,” Fulton wrote in his email. “I know we do. I am sending you this picture that I want everyone to use as their profile picture on all our social media. Let’s be like the recent storm and blow the other other schools away with our school spirit.”

With Fulton’s words of encouragement, the week started off with pajama day, where students took a large group picture in front of Assistant Principal Mrs. Melsby’s office. On day two, which was scarf day, students bundled up on the cold day by wearing a scarf.

Winter Week
ASB Vice President Tara Habibi (11) carries Jaanki Patel (11) while also showing their holiday spirit by wearing pajamas on the first day of Winter Week. During the week of December 15, 2014, American competed against Mission San Jose, Kennedy, and Irvington in the first ever Inter-District Winter Week. PC: Jaanki Patel

“Winter Week is different because the whole school gets to unite and compete with other schools in FUSD,” junior Shreya Shah (11) said. “It takes it to a whole new level.”

However, despite the Christmas spirit that went on between the four schools, a few people wondered why Washington did not participate.

“We didn’t want to,” Washington’s ASB President Peyton Cook (12) said. “We thought it was too short notice and kinda dumb.”

Nonetheless, students among the participating schools wore their ugly sweaters for day three of the event, ranging from unique patterns to handcrafted sweaters. The very next day, students wore an assortment of Christmas headgear, consisting of elf hats, Santa hats, reindeer antlers and more.

To end the week, each school wore their school shirts and colors. Currently, the results are still pending. However, regardless of what the results are, some students believe that the first FUSD joint event was successful.

“Winter Week was a great way to show school spirit and get ready for the holiday season,” Shah said. “I liked how Winter Week brought the holiday atmosphere to school and got us ready for break.”

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