Interact club celebrates its first OHOA Week

Jacky Tsang

Staff Writer

Interact Club celebrated its first OHOA Week with other Interactors to bring awareness to a new community project to help kids during the week of November 3.

Interactors hoped to unify the community together through spirit, passion, and love to further implement their motto “Service, above self.” The community project that Interact celebrated is directed towards youth with no basic necessities. For OHOA Week, which stands for “open heart, open arms,” the main purpose was to “break barriers and build bridges,” which is what Interactors, such as Area 4 Director Keani Turangan, wanted to achieve.

“Our community project is to help kids by providing [them] with [basic necessities],” Turangan said. “These include food, education, like tutoring, and fellowship, like being a friend to kids who are being bullied or alone. OHOA Week focuses on that and it emphasizes the goals of our project.”

Every day, there was a different activity that celebrated the project. Each activity had a different approach, allowing Interactors to enjoy the little things that they did, since the outcome of their actions were large.

“One of our days were ‘breaking barriers, building bridges,’” Interact President Ananya Nandy (12) said. “All you needed to do was make a new friend or be nice to someone. You don’t have to have big events; you just have to do small actions that reminds people of what is important.”

To mark the end of OHOA Week, Interact implemented its community project by hosting a community service event, which took place at Lake Elizabeth. The event was called “Happy For OHOA,” where they created “Happy Boxes” for children in hospitals. These boxes contained goodies such as books and friendship bracelets. Interactors from Areas 4 and 5 got together to create this craftsmanship while also bonding their love for Interact.

Happy Box
On November 8, 2014, Interactors from Areas 4 and 5 gathered around to construct “Happy Boxes” for children. Sophomore Shweta Karkee from Area 4 of American High dedicates her time in decorating a Happy Box. PC: Jessica Huynh

After OHOA Week, Interact is expected to have many more events that builds on the concepts of OHOA; the week was an introduction to the upcoming events that Interact planned to have.

    “We just got a running start where after this week, most of our events are going to be starting, such as our area dinner and our talent show,” Secretary Tara Habibi (11) said. “All of these [events] are going to begin in the upcoming week.”

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