Review on the latest Apple product – the iPhone 6

Jacky Tsang

Staff Writer

It’s bigger, it’s faster, it’s better in every way; one of Apple’s new product is a competition in the phone market – the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 is equipped with many new attributes that makes it hard for competitors to counter. These attributes provide a new perspective on iPhones by making it more powerful and more efficient. The big phone is something Apple hopes that everyone will enjoy.

I picked up the iPhone 6 (silver gray) and I was really excited to use this phone since it was a huge upgrade from my previous phone, the iPhone 4s. Many iPhone users are in shock with the size of the iPhone 6, thinking it is a iPhone 6 plus instead. The Android users, however, say it looks just like their phone.

iPhone 4, 5, 6
The iPhone 4 (left) and iPhone 5 (middle) sizes are very different from the size of iPhone 6 (right).

The screen of the phone is 5.44 inches and 2.64 inches wide, with a thinness of 6.9mm. Its size is similar to the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy 5. Unlike the previous generations of iPhones, the iPhone 6 follows a new, curvy design that is simply beautiful.

I was worried about people watching me type in my passcode when I had the iPhone 4s, but after the upgrade, all my worries are gone. The device contains touch ID which allows me to simply put my finger on the home button, letting me enter the screen without having to ever type in a passcode. While the iPhone 5s also contains this feature, the iPhone 6 has many more features that make it better than previous generations of iPhones.

One major improvement from previous generations is the design of the iPhone 6, with the only downside being the marker-like strips on the back of the phone, which makes it seem as if someone had colored it. Everything else, such as the screen and the sides, is beautifully made. It has an extremely good display, providing great color spectrums and spectacular viewing angles. The curved phone provides a unique aspect that makes it different from other iPhones.

When I first got the iPhone 6, I was really excited for it, because of the upgrade of the camera. The iPhone 6 contains a 8-megapixel iSight camera and it is equipped with autofocus and many features such as the true tone flash, auto-image stabilization, exposure control, and more. I really enjoy the camera because it allows me to take HD pictures easily and quickly; it’s perfect and small, making it convenient to take pictures without a DSLR camera. The iPhone 6 camera is reliable, easy-to-use, fast, and suitable for capturing perfect moments.

A few components the iPhone 6 has that makes it more efficient and powerful are the 64-bit architecture, A8 chip, and the M8 motion coprocessor. These three components allow the phone to be used for a longer duration and to save data, while providing many entertainments to the user at the same time. I’ve had problems with battery life with my previous phone, but the stronger battery life is definitely evident in the new device. In a 16 hours timeframe, my iPhone 6 still had 70% battery life left. It’s true what Apple said about their device; the iPhone 6 allows “[me] to do more, for longer than ever.”

iPhone 6 screen
The iPhone 6 has a clear, HD screen.

The quickness of the phone is also very evident. It uses LTE, up to 150 Mpbs, allowing the user to experience faster downloads, internet, live-stream music, video calls and more. Having LTE definitely makes my life more stress-free. Compared to the WiFi I have at home, LTE can compete with it, and be faster too. I can also download apps on the go and I never have to worry about videos buffering. Who wouldn’t enjoy fast internet?

The iPhone 6 is available at Apple, online, or from stores such as cell phone companies (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, etc), Target and Wal-mart. The iPhone 6 comes in three gigabyte sizes – 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The prices of those, with contract, are $199, $299, and $399. I definitely recommend getting the 64GB, even if you don’t use your phone a lot. Mostly because it’s safer to have more data than to run out and have the need to delete some things.

Overall, I am completely satisfied with the iPhone 6 (although, the iPhone 4s was pretty disappointing after using it for 3 years). I would give this phone an 8.5/10 rating because of the different features it has. The price was the only downside of this product.

“[The] iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way,” Apple said. “It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure.”

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