Glenn Shaw and Monica Dunn crowned homecoming king and queen

Krystal Lai

Staff Writer

On October 24, 2014 during the homecoming game against Mission San Jose High School, seniors Glenn Shaw and Monica Dunn were crowned as homecoming king and queen. Shaw is American High School’s track and field star while Dunn is the senior class president.

“I feel so honored to be the homecoming queen, and up until this moment it had not completely sunk in for me,” Dunn said.

Glenn Shaw walks into the gym with his girlfriend, Arian Cano, parents, and  friends Patrick Lee and Adarsh Kadoor. //PC: Alex Dominguez

There was a total of twelve people in the homecoming court, with six guys and six girls. For the first time, American High School implemented a new way to announce the results: each candidate was given a paper bag which contained either a rose for girls or a balloon for guys. The king and queen would receive a red balloon and red rose; respectively, the unity prince and princess (first runners-up) would receive a blue balloon and a pink rose, and the rest would be given white ones.

While Dunn sat in front of the crowd during halftime waiting for the results of the homecoming court, she expected to receive a white rose.

“When I looked into the bag, my head had an image of a white rose,” Dunn said. “The flower was immediately flooded with crimson; I really couldn’t believe it. I was completely shocked and surprised.”

According to Shaw, being crowned homecoming king was also surprising for him, as he did not see it coming at all.

“Unsuspected pride filled me, knowing that the student body had chosen me,” Shaw said. “I did not expect it because these sorts of things are usually a contest of popularity. I hope that students will still see me as one of them, because I’m just another student attending AHS.”

Both individuals agreed that high school has shaped them positively, being able to explore their interests and develop their personalities.

“American has offered me a lot of opportunities,” Dunn said. “I’ve always had the chance to do what I am passionate about, for example, playing soccer and having my own club (S.T.R.I.D.e) to help people become the best version of themselves.”

Homecoming Court
Monica Dunn stands up to receive her crown for homecoming queen. “I felt flattered, definitely, because that was so unbelievable,” Dunn said. //PC: James Salazar

“I have grown to appreciate anything and anyone in my life, no matter what kind of person they choose to be,” Shaw said. “I’m not perfect and the views of others can always teach me more. One of the things is that I have learned how to be more creative by being the only student at AHS in Digital Photography 3.”

Being the senior class president, Dunn has to interact with many people daily in order to get involved, and to her, Shaw is always a helping hand.

“Glenn always helps people whenever they need it, and he is really the epitome of someone who is very selfless, humble and caring,” Dunn said. “He’s not even in the senior class council, but he would message me and offer help like in Spirit Week for making pictures. We don’t have a leader in track, but he definitely acts like one and cares for everyone around him.”

Knowing Dunn throughout these four years, Shaw sees her as a great friend and person.

    “Monica is always positive,” Shaw said. “She can motivate anyone, whether with inspiring words or with deep, emotional prayers. She never lets her stress get to her.”

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