Ouija movie put the “bored” in “board game”

Angelina Maravilla

Staff Writer

The movie “Ouija” opened in theaters on October 24, 2014, just one week before Halloween. Many people thought this movie would be the big Halloween scare. Unfortunately, it had few scary scenes, preventing it from becoming the thriller it was advertised as.

The Ouija board is a board game used to communicate with the dead. This practice started many years ago and is actually still used today. Many people recommend not to mess with the board or make contact with it because it “opens a doorway for all evil.” It is said to summon evil spirits, and many people are unaware of the possible danger that it possesses.

Rating : 2 stars // Source: Wikipedia

In the movie “Ouija,” five close friends gathered to play the ouija board in hopes of contacting their friend who recently passed away. The movie dragged on with the effects of using the ouija board; the characters later realized they went against the rules of the ouija board and played it in a graveyard. All the characters started experiencing paranormal events as they were tormented by an evil spirit, dying off one by one.

After the opening scene of the movie, everything went downhill. It was very boring, rushed, and unoriginal. The beginning foreshadowed the ending, revealing too much, and therefore caused the viewer to want the movie to stop dragging on.

In the movie, five high school friends came together and knowingly awoke an evil spirit. Although all the characters were in high school, this movie failed to appeal to the teenage demographic. Instead, this movie fit better with younger kids who have yet to experience a good horror movie. The movie failed to recognize or include any minor characters, placing too much importance on the five main characters, killing interest and contributing to a boring movie.

The characters themselves portrayed stupidity throughout the movie. They did everything that they shouldn’t have done in their situation–typical horror movie, huh?

Throughout the movie, the characters made all the wrong decisions, and this killed the suspense. They played the ouija board in a haunted house and continued to play it, knowing they were communicating with an evil spirit. They searched the dark attic for clues and returned to the house alone, only at night.

Furthermore, the movie failed to use methods in scaring the audience. The ouija board is a frightening game, and the Ouija movie failed to recreate it. I would rate this movie two out of five stars! The plot was inevitable and was not even transgressive; it was a waste of time and money!

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