Keani Turangan becomes second female MC

Krystal Lai

Staff Writer

Senior Keani Turangan, chosen as a female MC, makes a mark on American High School history.

“I think that being an MC means you have to be casual and inviting to the whole audience, and I believe I portray that well,” Turangan said.

Turangan does not feel hindered but rather motivated to make history and be one of the only female MCs in American High School. She believes that she has just as much as guys have to give and that her energy can be as high as theirs. She hopes to be the epitome of high school spirit.

Keani Turangan leads the homecoming rally on October 24, 2014. She goes around and gets the crowd up in spirit by yelling “AHS Eagles!”

“People always say that our school is not spirited enough; well, you need to participate to achieve that,” Turangan said. “I believe that leadership is the example to have spirit by dressing up, painting faces, and going all out. I want everyone to acknowledge the fact that school is not just about academics, we want you to have fun.”

Chris Fulton, the student body supervisor, decided whom became the MC for the school year. Auditions are held for people who apply to become a MC. Applicants should have high school spirit and have the ability to bring up the crowd and get people involved. The number of MCs vary between one to two, depending on how many people apply and what talent is there.

“I decided to choose Keani because she is fearless and is one of the most spirited people,” Fulton said. “Another thing that is important is that if we have two MCs, they have to work well together.”

Besides Turangan, senior Akash Jhamat was also chosen to be an MC this year. So far, his experience in working with Turangan has been going well.

“I did not expect Keani to be my partner, but I’m glad that it turned out to be her,” Jhamat said. “I think that we have great chemistry, and our ideas always overlap. She’s an awesome partner. She’s the most spirited person this school. She’s always excited to make this school a better place, and she’s on top of her game all the time.”

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