A positive influence on students

Vrunda Shah

Staff Writer

Not many principals have been lost on the first day of school; however, American High School’s new principal, Mr. Musto, was lost in the three hundred wing when a student helped him find the way.

 After working as a principal at Horner High School, Musto decided to come to American because he wanted to help students.

“I want to be a positive influence in someone’s life, and be a great role model,” Musto said. “I had two history teachers that inspired me to pick this career.”

Mr. Musto works in his office in gateway.
Mr. Musto works in his office in gateway.

Before Musto became a high school principal, he was a history teacher. Teachers and mentors encouraged him to become involved in school activities, which caused him to work his way up the ladder to becoming a principal.

“My expectations were dynamic, a high school with many programs going around,”  Musto said. “I am still learning my way around teachers and students.”

Musto chose to work at American High School because the previous principal, Mr. Bailey, told him about all the great programs at American High School. He thinks that the different engineering classes, variety of AP classes, committed staff and teachers, and ASB are interesting.

“It was exciting meeting all the different types of people at American High School, but at the same time, it was overwhelming to learn everything all at once,” Musto said. “However, ASB was there to welcome me on the first day of school.”

His favorite part about American High School is the students because they are welcoming and easy to approach.

Musto’s goals this year are to help students and teachers adapt to common core, improve the heating and cooling system, and improve the parking lot. According to him, in five years, American High School will have more students, classrooms will look different due to Common Core and technology, and more classrooms and teaching space will be required.

Despite of all the difficulties he may face throughout the year, he looks forward to school events such as graduation.

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